Can disabled people cruise? #1

Can people with disabilities take cruises? Some people say that there is no question you can have disabilities and take cruises. Others don’t seem to be as sure about it.

A lot of cruiselines are realizing that disabled people are part of their clientbase, and so they need to make sure that they can accommodate those who have disabilities. Many are making accessibility one thing they are addressing when they are building or refurbishing their ships.

There are elevators on most ships. They are going to have more and more accessible rooms. Many of their public doors are now automatic. Most the ships are also going to have accessible pools. I

f you walk some, but don’t like going long distances, here are some things you should know. The ships should be able to have a wheelchair when you are embarking or disembarking, that shouldn’t be a problem. If you think you are going to need a wheelchair at other points of your cruise, you are probably going to want to bring one of your own.


We are going to look at some more places where you and your family might want to take your next adventure. They say that Moab, Utah is like a theme parks for outdoor lovers. They have a lot of parks and monuments there. There are also some beautiful places around the city.

Fort Collins, Coloado is another place adventurers. They have a river where you can swim and raft. They also have a lot of parks.

More places

We are going to look at some more places you can take adventures in. And today we are going to start by taking a look at Los Angeles. The first thing they mention is the desert, which is not the first thing I think of when I think of this city. The desert is beautiful, but so is the ocean. This is a great place to do water sports. They also have a lot of great food.

Next we are going to look at South Lake Tahoe, which is also in California. This place is beautiful any time of the year. This is a great place to do winter sports. In the summer, they have a beautiful lake where you can do water sports as well. Or you may be interested in their parks.


What is your idea of a good vacation? Is it going to the beach and eating lots of good food? Would you rather go to theme parks? Do you like going to see family or friends?? Or do you and your family just love taking adventures together?

Maybe your family has been given sometime to relax without your special needs child. Or maybe your special needs child is the biggest adventurer of your family. Let’s take a look at some destinations that might interest you.

Everyone knows that Seattle, Washington is a great place to get coffee. They also have lots of great mountains to hike. You can finding skiing forty-five minutes from their downtown.

Or you might want to go to Sedona, Arizona. This is an absolutely beautiful place. It has great mountains where you can go hiking. They also have a lot of Red Rock formations..

Why use a travel agent?

I’m a travel agent. I’m not planning any trips, kind of embarrassed to say how few trips I’ve actually planned. That’s why I’m trying to get into affiliate marketing, which I feel like is going about as well as being a travel agent is, sighs.

Travel agents are going to help you plan every aspect of your trip. We’ll book your flight, though I can’t keep up with whether or not air pays travel agents anymore. That changes from time to time. Travel agents book your hotel. We’ll book your car rental.. We can even help you figure out what to do when you are there. Making bookings is how we travel agents make money.

And when you’re a special needs parent, you have more to figure out when planning a trip. You will need to figure out if the hotel is going to accommodate you and your child? Is it going to have everything that you need? Is the car going to work with your child’s wheelchair? We can help you figure all of that out.

More special needs tips

The first time that I went out of the country, our first flight was late for our connecting flight. And we’re always the first ones on the flights and the last one off. I can’t use other wheelchairs, I have to have mine. The airport was kind. They gave our little group an escort, and I think they actually held the second plane for us. But that is not guaranteed. You will want to avoid connecting flights if you can. I said that,

However, I’m also someone who does not use the bathroom on an airplane. Actually I do not eat on an airplane either. I need to be sitting well, always relatively speaking, to eat. I can do marathons of about eleven hours each. We don’t want to be flying much longer than that. Like I said, I have to have my wheelchair.

My wheelchair has a special seating system that allows me to sit. Mom helps them take my wheelchair apart and put it back together. They put everything into a plastic bag. And so far, they haven’t lost anything yet. But it doesn’t always work that way. You might want to bring some spare parts and tools.

More tips

You may want to talk to your doctor before you do any traveling with your special needs child. Get the doctor to write a description of what exactly your child has. You may want to show that letter to some people along the way. You are also going to want to have a way to get in touch with your doctor in case of emergency. You are going to want to take extra medication.

Most people say that you want to take twice what you will need. And keep all of that in your carryon bag.

Special needs travel

I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of talking about general travel, and not a lot about special needs travel. General travel is somewhat easier to write about, and since I’ve been on a partial vacation for I don’t know how long.. But anyway, enough about all of that. Let’s look into some special needs travel tips..

Hotels and places like that are required by law to accommodate you. However, they won’t know what you need unless you let them know. Call the places beforehand and tell them what you’ll need. Are you going to need an accessible bathroom? Are you going to need locks that your child can’t reach?x You will want to let them know at least a couple of days before you are to arrive.

We all have lingo we use when talking about our, or your child’s, disability. But most people will not understand that. Make sure to use language that everyone will understand.

Is your child dependent on medication? You will want to be sure to take that somewhere that you know you can access. The same is true for any equipment that they may need.

More on why

it is so easy to get into our own little world and forget that there are other people who live life differently than we do. Going on vacation will help you see other sides of life. It will broaden your horizons.

Airplane air might not be the best for you. However, getting to other places and eating their food will help your immune system. And you may be surprised how much you like it.

Are you feeling more and more anxious? Getting away from your normal life and relaxing may help.