Go play in your favorite video game

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[Disclaimer : I have never been into video games. I have never enjoyed playing those type games. I hardly know anything about any of those games. I’m just going to tell you what this article says.]

I may not know much about these games, but I know they are pretty popular. I know some children, and adults, absolutely love these games. If they aren’t playing them, they’re thinking about playing these things. So let’s look at some places you can play these games in RL [for those that don’t know, RL is real life].

  • The first one is, of course, Mario Brothers. I do remember sitting and watching people playing these games. Who doesn’t dream of getting into these games? The closest thing you can get to this is in Tokyo.
  • There is always Pokemon Go. And I know that you can play that anywhere. The cool thing about this game is that you have to play it outside.
  • In l Las Vegas you can play Any Resident Evil. There you can play zombies to your heart’s content
  • .And now I have good news and bad news good news is that  Nintendo is building its own amusement park. The bad news is that it will not be ready until 2020.

Flying standby

There is so much to learn and figure out when you are in the travel business. One person can not learn everything.. Today let’s look into what what it means to fly standby.

Flying standby is a good way to fly if you don’t especially care when you leave or come back. It’s usually the least expensive way to fly, you’ll usually pay around twenty-five dollars, but you are not guaranteed a seat. So if you think that flying standby would be a good fit for you, here’s what you should do.

  • Firs, you will want to see which airlines have this option available . You will want to read up your chosen airline’s policies to make sure that you, and they, play by the rules.
  • A lot of times they’ll want you to purchase a normal ticket. Sometimes you can get away with a friend flying. Again, you will want to know the specific policies.
  • Another thing that would be good to remember is that you do not want to have checked luggage. They’ll more likely to take you if you don’t. You’re allowed one carry on and purse in most situations. The day before or the flight, you will want to look at the airline’s website to get the latest info on the flight. You will not want to check Expedia or Priceline, they are not going to have the latest information.
  • You are going to want to get there at least two hours in advance. You will want to go to the ticketing agent, and let them know that you’re interested in flying standby.
  • Next you will want to proceed through security and all that. Be sure to let the people at the gate know that you want to fly standby.
  • At the time of the flight, the gate people will be able to let you know whether you’ve made it on.

I would love to know your thoughts  about any of this.

Some hotel deals for the end of summer

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You can’t imagine how good it feels to be back to work after being gone for a little more than three weeks. Part of my “vacation”, if you want to call it that wasn’t much fun at all , my communication device had to be sent off to be worked on. I had to wait about a week to get my loaner. In the grand scheme of things I know a week isn’t maybe, but it felt like a long time. When I had gotten the loaner, I had two days where I had internet before I was going out of town. I had problems figuring out the e-mail I had connected to this. I couldn’t figure out the password and was getting pretty frustrated with all of that, and then I tried a different way to get in. I should have tried that in the first place, but anyway. Live and learn.. And I guess I said a lot of this in yesterday’s post, but I’m so glad to have everything working again.

If unlike me, you haven’t taken any time completely away from work, there’s still time. Labor Day is still a little  over a month away. And for us who e in the South, it should still be pretty warm until the middle of October. Vacationing when most other people have already had their break is nice, especially for those who who hate crowds. In fact, many hotels are going to give you better deals so that they will have some money coming in during this slower time. Let’s look at some of these deals.

  • The first deal that we are going to look at today is in Atlanta, which is near where I’m from and I have several siblings in that area as well. There is a really nice hotel in the Buckhead area called the St Regis Atlanta. Here you will find butler service available. This hotel has a great pool and a spa.
  • Next we are going to take a look at something in the city of brotherly love. The Logan Square sounds like an excellent place to explore. Here you will find several nice restaurants as well as a nice place to picnic. They also have some nice museums in this area. Hilton has a nice hotel called simply The Logan Hotel. You will be able to collect points from this hotel.

Please let me know if I can help you book any trips. I would love to help someone book a trip any time..


My communication device, which is also my computer, had to be sent off to get work done three weeks ago, I was given a loaner a week later. And two days after that we left for camp.. I was planning to take the time I was away at camp off anyway..

Getting my loaner device up and running has taken longer than I would have like.. I couldn’t remember my password for this, but also couldn’t remember my password for the e-mail I use for this. It’s been kind of crazy, but I’m back and feeling a lot better about everything.

I know I’m always saying we need to take more time off. I don’t do much of that myself though. I truly enjoy what I do, and get pretty bored if I’m not working unless we have family or friends around.. I should be back to my normal postings tomorrow

Planning a destination wedding #2

Yesterday did not go the way I had thought or hoped it might. We ended up having problems with our internet and different things.

But anyway, let’s get back to our discussion about destination weddings. Let’s go through some tips.

  • Decide who you really want to come to your special event. People do a lot of different things. People will only have their closest family and friends. And then they may do a bigger party before or after their actual marriage, others decide not to do a big party at all. Other people choose to do a huge destination wedding, inviting everyone they know.. If guests will be paying for themselves, try to keep their costs pretty low.
  • You will want to give serious thought about when you want to do this wedding. are you trying to avoid the crowds, or do you want to be right in the middle of the huge parties? Your travel agent should be able you figure out the best time to go as far as the weather.
  • Know how much you want to spend and stick to that. You don’t want to be arguing over finances on your honeymoon, do you? You’re probably going to be spending more than your guests. But keep in mind that this is your wedding and honeymoon rolled into one.
  • You are going to need to figure out the legalities of the place you are going and how how you will be able to be legally married. If this gets complicated, consider going to the justice of the peace beforehand to make sure everything is right.
  • It is usually best to plan these pretty far in advance, so that you will get exactly what you want. These events are popular and book up quickly.


Planning a destination wedding

Let’s face it. Planning a wedding an be a lot of fun. It can also be a ton of work. It can also bring a lot of family drama. Your family wants you to invite everyone. They want to help you plan every single thing. But this is your big day, the most important to take day of your One of the ways to avoid this is by planning a destination wedding.. These weddings are mostly about what you and your future husband want. People are less likely to insist that you invite everyone they know.

Some travel agents specialize in these destination weddings. Some have done hundreds of these. And so not only will they be on good terms with all the resort, they will also be able to match you with the best resort to make your dreams come true.

You will need to get some of what you want before going to your travel agent. Know the type of place you want. Have an idea of of your budget. Know how many people you want to go. Decide if you are going everyone to stay the whole time, or do you want sometime alone with your new husband?

I am going to get back to this discussion tomorrow.. Sorry things have been kind of crazy this week.. I’m working with llimited internet.

Cruises and the disabled #4

I know there a lot of disabilities that are not seen. Not everyone disabled has a wheelchair or something that would make you think they’re disabled if you just look at them.

  • What happens when People have food allergies? People have special dietary needs for all kinds of reasons. Norwegian would like to know your specific needs as soon as you make your booking. This would be a good thing for me to keep in mind as well. Norwegian does not guarantee that 100% of your food will be perfectly allergen free.
  • So what happens when you need medical care? A doctor and nurse are on each Norwegian ship. Now you will be charged for using these services. But keep your receipts. Your insurance might reimburse you. They do keep some over the counter medicine on board.
  • How do you help those that are deaf? First, text telephones are available for those that have trouble hearing. The theaters are equipped to accommodate you. What about the blind? Norwegian will have Braille everywhere you need it.


I would love to know your thoughts about any of this or any questions you might have.

Cruising and the disabled #3

Let’s get back to our discussion about how cruises works with the disabled.

  • What are the difficulties when getting in and off the ships? Getting on and the ship should be no problem at the big ports, and so getting on and off the cruises should be no problem. The problem comes when you try to go on the excursions. Sometimes the only way to get off is by lots of steps. And there can be further complications when seas are rough. Norwegian has ratings on all their excursions which will tell you how difficult will be.
  • Do you charge any addition feeto travelers disabilities? Norwegian’s short answer is no. However, most disabled people are going to want the nicer rooms, which are going to cost more. Let them know what you will need as far as special equipment at the time you make your booking, so that they can be prepared.
  • Are service pets allowed? Norwegian allows service dogs. There are several other types of pets that can be used by people with disabilities. The cruiseline allows anything that follow the ADA guidelines. You will be required to gather all the necessary paperwork.

I would love to know your thoughts about any of this.

Cruising and the disabled #2

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I’m still not real sure about what is going to happen this next week as far as how much internet time I am going to have and all that. Just to let you know that that.

Okay, let’s get back to our discussion about the disabled going on cruises. Today I think we are going to look at some questions we would want to ask any cruiseline a disabled person is thinking about going on, and then we will look at Norwegian’s answers specifically.

  • Do all your ships have staterooms that will accommodate the disabled? will have about forty accessible rooms. Not only will the rooms be more spacious, you will find a lot of nice features in these rooms. They will have raised beds. There will be guard rails in the bathrooms. And these are just some of the features. Just ask about anything you might need. I can always ask your preferred cruiseline.
  • Do you accommodate wheelchair and motorized scooters? Yes, Norwegian does. They also have some wheelchairs available for rent. If you are going to need a wheelchair the whole time you are on board bring your own. If need a wheelchair just for shore excursions, renting will be perfectly fine. If you have a motorized wheelchair, you will need to have a gel-cell batteries. And for the younger more disabled guests, all but two ships will have direct elevator access to the kids’ clubs.
  • Are all public areas accessible? Norwegian’s answer is, most are. The specialty restaurants should give you no problems. There will be accessible bathrooms throughout the ships. The theaters should all have accessible sections. Disabled adults will be able to have fun in the casinos.

I think we are going to get back to this next week or whenever I’m back online again. I would love to know your thoughts on this.

Cruising and the disabled

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Sometimes I have certain things I try to do each day. Obviously I do this each day. I check e-mail. And then I also try to do some training on different kinds of destinations or cruiselines, because what’s out there is pretty much limitless… I must confess that I was not coming up with ideas for this, and I was going to come back to this, but I this training module and thought that this might make a great post

For those that have never met me in person, I’m disabled. I have Cerebral Palsy, and I’m basically unable to do anything for myself. I sit in a wheelchair, and have a communication device that doubles as my computer.

To be honest, I’ve never been on a cruise, have no idea what that would be like. I have heard that going on a cruise might be difficult for me. But that might be changing slowly.

And I should also let you know that the course I am taking is through Norwegian Cruise Lines, so we will want to keep that in mind as well.

Here are some things we will want to keep in mind.

  • Norwegian has wider hallways and bigger bathrooms making it easier for people in wheelchairs.
  • Service pets are allowed on board ships. Norwegian follows the guidelines written up by the ADA.
  • Many stateroom are going to have refrigerator in them so that you will be able to keep your medications. If you know you are going to need a refrigerator, all you really need to do is to say something to me.
  • Norwegian does reserve the right to say that they don’t think they can accommodate your specific disability. We will need to contact them up front to ask if they are going to be able to accommodate you. This is something I can work on for you.
  • I think we are going to get back to this tomorrow. I would really love to know your thoughts about all of this.

What should we know about passports?

As a travel agent, part of my job is to educate you. When you plan a trip through me, I’ll send you as much information about your trip as you want. I can let you know the different places you will want to visit during your trip. I can let you know about the restaurants you might want to try. Of course, another thing I need to keep you knowledgeable about is passports for you leave the country. Let’s look at some of those today.

But maybe first we should discuss how to get a passport in the first place. I know when we got mine, I went down to the post office. We had gone to a drugstore before and had my taken there. I think the post office can take the pictures themselves, but that is usually more expensive. A woman helped us fill out the necessary paperwork.

These days you can also apply online. Apparently you can fill everything out, print it and then take it to the post office. Here are a few other things you should know.

  •  In order to get your passport, you will need to figure on spending around two hundred dollars. And yes, that should include your passport photos and everything.
  • How long it takes to get your passport can vary a good bit, depending on the time of year and whether there have been any natural disasters recently. It is wisest to apply for your passport at least six months before you leave on your vacation.
  • Each form you will need to fill out will have specific instructions on how to complete it.

I would love to know your thoughts on this or any questions you might have.

Reasons to visit the Bahamas

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Are you still looking for that perfect summer getaway? Why not consider going to the Bahamas? this is a great place to enjoy some fun in the sun and so much more. Let’s looks at some specific reasons the Bahamas may be perfect for you.

  • This is a beautiful island paradise. You will be surrounded by lots of clear blue water, miles of beautiful beach, which makes it a great place to relax with the ones you love. Another thing to remember is that the Bahamas is right off the coast of Florida, making it pretty easy to get to.
  • The article I was originally reading just says that the Bahamas has great island cuisine. I wasn’t sure what that meant, so I looked it up. As you might imagine, they eat a lot of seafood here. And most of it is pretty spicy. But you will be able to get different kinds of cuisine, especially if you stay in one of the resorts.
  • The females in your party are going to love the shopping here. You will be t find everything from handmade trinkets to everything you might find in one of the malls we’re used to.
  • While the women go shopping, the men will have several option. For one thing, there is golf. There will also be explore, and lots of water sports you can try.
  • There’s one more thing you should note. the people here are extremely friendly, and they will do everything they can to help you.
  • I would love to know your thoesught about this.