Tips for traveling with kids

Let’s get back to discussing tips for traveling with kids.

  • First, you might want to consider boarding early. Yes, I know that will make your trip feel that much longer. But doing this will enable everyone to feel more settled in their places. It will be especially helpful if you do not have assigned seats.
  • Everyone getting enough rest is essential for a nice, smooth trip. Consider getting a condo. If you are for sure staying in a hotel or resort, consider getting a suite or at least another room.
  • Having free breakfast not only cuts down on costs, it also cuts down on stress. This is one meal you’ll know what you’ll be doing and won’t have to have any discussions about.
  • I know a lot of people like to just go with the flow while they are on vacation, but some planning is a good idea when you’re traveling with children. You’ll want to try your best to work your children’s sleeping and eating schedules. Not messing with those will help keep everyone happy and on track.
  • But you don’t want to overplan your trip, keeping everyone busier than usual.? Children love afternoons at the pool or movie nights.
  • You will want to pack everything that you need, but you do not want to overpack. You don’t want to have more to carry than you have to. A lot of places are going to have washers and dryers that you can use.
  • If you aren’t going to a resort that has a children’s program, consider bringing a babysitter. It isn’t going to cost that much extra. And vacations are the perfect times to get in some extra dates.

MSC Cruises

I’ve decided that I like doing two things at once. Sure, writing about what I am learning about in this travel agent school seems to take me a little longer. But we are supposed to get the word out about the things we’re learning, and writing about the things I am learning does help. And since this school has many different courses, I should keep quite busy for a while.

Today we are going to look at the MSC Cruiseline. MSC stands for Mediterranean Shipping Company. MSC  strives for excellence in everything that they do, and has won a lot of awards for what they do.

  • Where do these cruises go? Basically anywhere you would be interested in traveling to. They do Mexico and the Caribbean, they also do Europe and Asia. They also do an excellent South American cruise.
  • Let’s take a closer look at some of what they have to offer. When it comes to food, their specialty is Italian. They have a lot of great pasta dishes. You will be able to get a great pizza any time that you’d like. But Italian isn’t the only cuisine that they have. They have a famous Asian chef that is over their Asian restaurants. And of course, they have a pas chef to make sure your sweet tooth is satisfied.
  • MSC has partnered with LEGO to bring children and their families experiences they will never forget. They will have all the supplies that you will need for your baby and toddler that you will need.
  • MSC also understands your need to keep up with your fitness program while on board. They will help you create the right exercise program while you are on board. They will also help you come up with healthy menus.

I would love to know your thoughts on any of this..

Okay, I know there are ways to book trips on the internet. So why would you need a travel agent? Let’s look at some times you might want to use a travel agent.


  • Travel agents are great when you and your extended family are going on a trip together. You have a lot of people, some people may have special needs to figure out..People may need to come and go on different days. There are just a lot of details to figure out.
  • You might want to book through a travel agent if you are going to a place you’ve never been. You may have a lot of time to do the necessary research. A travel agent can help you to set everything up. We can figure out your complete itinerary.
  • And when you’re planning your honeymoon, you probably want to go through a travel agent. You have a thousand other things you need to plan. And this is a special trip you is really do not to mess up. Let a travel agent handle all the details .

Movie places

I am going to try to do this, and hopefully I’ll do a better job than I did yesterday.. I’m still doing a lot of experimenting and figuring things out as I go along… x

I think a lot of us like to watch movies when we want to relax. But have you ever wanted to go to the places where specific movies were made? Let’s look at a couple of these today.

  • Do you have any Indiana Jones fans in your did you family? You might want to visit Petra, Jordan where these films were made. This has become a popular destination since the films were made.
  • Slovenia might be small, but it is where Narnia was made. If I am remembering right, the place has some absolutely gorgeous spots.

Planning the perfect girls’ trip #2

Let’s get back to discussing how to plan a great girls’ trip. I have several things I’d like to look into more today, but feel like I need to do the normal things first and just see how the rest of the day goes. Let’s pick up where we left off.

  • Some friends don’t need much except to have a place to gather and some nice food to enjoy themselves. Other groups will want to go to some of the more exotic locations. If your group is trying to start their annual trips together, it might be wise to have a gathering and discuss what everyone is thinking as far as overall budget. Is it going to be easier to gather in each other homes, or do people want to mark places off of their bucket lists? One of you might want  to play hostess more often than the others to cut down on her costs. You can find solutions that work best for your group.
  • If one person is planning the whole thing, this lady will want to give some clues. You might want to get creative with the e-mails you send your group. Some people will go a step farther and send cute little packages to give hints. Groups who are going go somewhere exotic will usually meet at one member’s house, and then they do the reveal at the airport.
  • This is a girls’ trip, so you are going want to have comfortable places where ere you can sit and gab. You might want to have one more than one place like this in case your group wants to split up for whatever reason.
  • But as much as girls like to just sit and talk, you will want to have a few activities planned. Especially if you are going somewhere you’ve never been, you’ll want to get out and enjoy some of the sights. The planner should have a pretty good idea of the things your group likes to do.

Have you done anything like this? I would love to hear about it.

Go play in your favorite video game

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[Disclaimer : I have never been into video games. I have never enjoyed playing those type games. I hardly know anything about any of those games. I’m just going to tell you what this article says.]

I may not know much about these games, but I know they are pretty popular. I know some children, and adults, absolutely love these games. If they aren’t playing them, they’re thinking about playing these things. So let’s look at some places you can play these games in RL [for those that don’t know, RL is real life].

  • The first one is, of course, Mario Brothers. I do remember sitting and watching people playing these games. Who doesn’t dream of getting into these games? The closest thing you can get to this is in Tokyo.
  • There is always Pokemon Go. And I know that you can play that anywhere. The cool thing about this game is that you have to play it outside.
  • In l Las Vegas you can play Any Resident Evil. There you can play zombies to your heart’s content
  • .And now I have good news and bad news good news is that  Nintendo is building its own amusement park. The bad news is that it will not be ready until 2020.

Flying standby

There is so much to learn and figure out when you are in the travel business. One person can not learn everything.. Today let’s look into what what it means to fly standby.

Flying standby is a good way to fly if you don’t especially care when you leave or come back. It’s usually the least expensive way to fly, you’ll usually pay around twenty-five dollars, but you are not guaranteed a seat. So if you think that flying standby would be a good fit for you, here’s what you should do.

  • Firs, you will want to see which airlines have this option available . You will want to read up your chosen airline’s policies to make sure that you, and they, play by the rules.
  • A lot of times they’ll want you to purchase a normal ticket. Sometimes you can get away with a friend flying. Again, you will want to know the specific policies.
  • Another thing that would be good to remember is that you do not want to have checked luggage. They’ll more likely to take you if you don’t. You’re allowed one carry on and purse in most situations. The day before or the flight, you will want to look at the airline’s website to get the latest info on the flight. You will not want to check Expedia or Priceline, they are not going to have the latest information.
  • You are going to want to get there at least two hours in advance. You will want to go to the ticketing agent, and let them know that you’re interested in flying standby.
  • Next you will want to proceed through security and all that. Be sure to let the people at the gate know that you want to fly standby.
  • At the time of the flight, the gate people will be able to let you know whether you’ve made it on.

I would love to know your thoughts  about any of this.

Tips for traveling with kids #1


Okay, most of us feel like the best part of the trip is spending time at your actual destination. Getting there is often not fun. Today let’s look at some tips that might make the travel time more bearable, especially for the little ones in your family.

First, please bring snacks on any adventure you take. If it is going to be a long trip, you will want to bring a good variety of snacks. Bring snacks that your kids will consider special. Bring something nice for the adults as well.

  • I said to bring snacks that everyone will enjoy, but you don’t want to bring too many sugary snacks. You don’t want your children bouncing off the walls whether you’re driving or flying.
  • Families with children tend to sit in the back of airplane. This works well for a couple of reasons. Other people will thank you for trying to keep the noise in one place. You will also be near the bathrooms.
  • Kids are going to get bored on long trips. I know that a lot of parents want to limit the amount of time their children are on screens. But a trip is one place you may want to bend the rules. Hopefully once you reach your destination, your children will have plenty to do and won’t want screentime.
  • Flying early in the morning may be one of the best ideas ever. This is the least popular time to fly. So you won’t be fighting as many crowds. You may get a discounted flight. And your children might even sleep some on the way.
  • Noise cancelling earphones are always a good idea for anyone. Bringing them for children might help them sleep. It will also help when they play on the tablets.

We are going to discuss this more tomorrow. I would love to know your thoughts.

Cruise tips #3

We’ve been talking about cruises and ways you can save money. Let’s get back to that discussion.

  • First, most cruise ships are going to have spas with all kinds of treatments you can enjoy. To save money on this, you will want to wait until towards the end of your cruise to indulge. The reason to do this is that they’re likely to put treatments on half price at the end of your cruise.
  • Okay, at the risk of sounding self seeking, please talk to me about your hopes for your next cruise. I’m always getting e-mail about cruise specials. I may also be able to get you extra perks.
  • Do you feel like messing around on the internet? You might want to look around. A lot of cruiselines have gift cards that are available if you look in the right place.
  • Most the time you are going to only be in your room to sleep and do your grooming. Having a large room with this beautiful view is going to be completely unnecessary. You will be having way too much fun to want to be in your room.
  • Go on and try to book your excursions before your cruise, that’s another way you can save. And I can help you book these excursions if you do book early.
  • There will also be free things you can do in the ports you stop in. Walk around the beach. Walk around the town, you can window shop without it costing you anything. The one exception to this might be if you are touring somewhere where you might be in potential danger. A way around this might be to get a group together that wants to do to a free tour together.
  • Some people like to eat in the ports they stop in. But that is going to cost you money. But remember that you can eat on your ship at no extra cost.
  • Like a lot of merchants these days, many cruiselines are going to have loyalty programs. You will be able to get deal with and perks when you join a cruise loyalty program.

I would love to know your thoughts about any of this.

Cruise tips #2

Yesterday we ended by talking about food. Today let’s start there.

  • Cruise ships may give small portions when it comes to the dishes they serve at their restaurants. But another thing that you will want to keep in mind is that most cruise ships are going to have at least one buffet. And you will be able to visit as often as you would like. These are often opened even late at night in case you need food after enjoying the shows or whatever.
  • Some cruises are going to have drink packages. You will want to know exactly what is included in these deals and what isn’t be sure to get refills on your drinks right before you leave the restaurant.
  • So let’s say that somehow things get crazy right before your trip and you forget to bring your booze. Is there any way you can get adult beverages without spending a fortune? Your best bet is to buy a round for your friends.
  • Sometimes cruises will allow you to bring your own sodas and juices. This is probably less expensive than buying a drinks package. You will need to check with your cruiseline to make sure of their policies. Or I can help you figure that out when you book through me.

Tips to save on cruises

Summer is coming, and there are vacations to be planned. One of more inexpensive ways to travel is to take a cruise. And one of the reasons for that is that cruises tend to be all inclusive vacations, meaning that you are going to get your accommodations, most of your food and drinks and even a lot of your activities for one price. But today let’s look at some tips that could save you even more.

  1. First, adult beverages can get rather pricey on a cruise. You are often allowed to bring one bottle of wine per person on a cruise. But you can hide other bottles of liquor in your luggage if you want to. The point is that it is often quite expensive to buy alcoholic beverages on a cruise
  2. . Always be looking for cruise deals. And that’s true whether or not you have booked your cruise. You can rebook your cruise as long as it’s outside your cancellation window. Actually, I would love to help you book your cruises. Please let me know if you are interested.
  3. Many cruises are going to offer last minute deals. To get in was on the deals, you are going to be booking within ninety days prior the cruise. I can help you look for these deals if you are interested.
  4. There are all kinds of credit cards that offer travel rewards as their incentives. Get the right combination of cards and you might manage to get yourself a free cruise.
  5. If you are on an all inclusive cruise and you find that the food portions are too small for you, don’t forget that you can order more than one appetizer or main dish.

I think we may get back to this tomorrow. Please let me know your thoughts.


Places to go

Where do you want to go on vacation this summer? I would love to help you plan your trip. Please let me know if you were interested. Today let’s look at some other destinations that you might be interested in.

We’ve talked about the Caribbean a lot on this blog. But this is a great spot. There is so much you can do. Fun in the sun is only the beginning. And there are so many ways you can go. Do you want to cruise? Do you want to go and stay on one island?

Playalinda Beach is in Florida. This is a quiet beach. But there is a lot to do right around there. It is near Orlando. It is near the space center. Do you want to do something a little different?

Why not go to Croatia. This is an absolutely beautiful place. And if you go in September you will beat the crowds.

I would love to know your thoughts on any of this.

Memorial Day is right around the corner. Have you made any plans for your summer vacation? Let’s look at some US destinations that you might want to consider.

This might not be the most original, but your children would probably love to go to Orlando. Your young children’s dreams will come true if you take them to Disney World. Older children will thoroughly enjoy Universal Studios, or maybe they would enjoy Busch Gardens or Sea World.

Or you may want to visit New York City. Go see the Statue of Liberty. Enjoy an evening on Broadway and take in a play. Walk around Times Square. Go through some of their muxseums or walk around the 9/11 Memorial.

If you want to do something on the educational side, you might want to go to to Washington DC. You are going to be able to see all the memorials. There will be a lot of museums, including the Smithsonian. You will be able to see the White House, Capitol building and the Supreme Court.

Cayman Islands #4

I am going to be with my sisters tomorrow, so I’m not sure if I am going to do tomorrow. We’ll see how everything goes. May is just going to be a crazy month for us.

Okay, let’s get back to our discussion of the Cayman Islands. The Grand Cayman Island has a lot of resorts that will be perfect for families, even for families that are looking to take multi generational trips. Grand Cayman will also have some great condominiums and villas that will be a great alternatives for large parties. But the resorts are going to have fantastic children’s programs. Programs for children here are more than babysitting so the adults can enjoy sometime together, your children are going to be learning about the history and culture of this place, and they’ll also be doing arts and crafts.

You’ll enjoy a wide variety of cuisine on this island. They will have a lot of restaurants and snack bars where you can easily find foods like pizza and hamburgers. The resorts will also have some good dining options. You will find a lot of the fast food restaurants that you have here at home. There are also some five-star restaurants where parents can enjoy a special date evening. The smaller islands are going to have less variety of restaurants, but you can still have quality food here.

Not only are these islands great for families, they also make an excellent destination for honeymoons or destination weddings. These people are prepared to be the setting for your special day whether you see this to just be you and the one you love, or you want a wedding for several hundred. They have some beautiful beaches, but they also have some historic sites that are great places for couples to exchange their vows. There is no waiting time when it comes to getting married here, although nonresidents are going to need a special license from the Governor. You will be able to work on that before you arrive.

Cayman Islands #3

I’ve been working on something new for my business. It’s a Facebook group, and the link is Like everything I do, this is a work in progress, I’m still figuring out what to do. But I would love to have you join us if you’re interested in working with me as your travel agent. And I would love you to recommend this to anyone that might be interested.

Okay, enough of the commercial, let’s get back to our discussion of the Cayman Islands. Who might be interested in these island? The first group we are going to look at is families. something more and more parents are asking themselves is, “Are my kids going to be interested in this vacation?” It is not fun to be around grumpy kids or, even worse, grumpy teenagers. Parents are trying to avoid the grumpiness by including the kids in the decisions about where to go on vacation.

The Cayman Islands are a great place for families to spend some extended time together. And anyone who reads this blog, families spending time together is why I do what I do. Families are going to find great accommodations on these islands. Do you have picky eaters in your family? Going to the Cayman Islands should be no problem since you will have access to full service grocery stores.

But what is there to do on these islands? For starters, there is a stingray place where you can actually swim with these creatures. There are a lot of places where families can snorkel or scuba dive. There are even places where kids can practice scuba diving. Many of the hotels are going to have a wide variety of water sports that families can enjoy together. There is one of the world’s largest skate parks. And there is a movie theater here too, for when you get tired of outdoor activities.

Let’s get back to this tomorrow. I would love to know your thoughts. we

Cayman Islands #2

630x355 (1)

Let’s get back to our discussion of the Cayman Islands. It looks like these islands are owned by Great Britain. There are some natives, but they also have a lot of transplants, including many from Great Britain and North America. With this being the case, people from the above mentioned countries will find a lot of the same foods in their grocery store. These are people that believe in manners, Mr. and Miss are the common way to address anyone in these parts.

The Grand Cayman Island is where you will find a lot of the hotels and condominiums. The sister islands, as they call them, have a lot to offer in the way of caves, nature hikes, and bird watching. And please remember that these are the Cayman Islands. Please don’t call them the Canary Islands, the Grand Canyon, or just Cayman.

Okay, so where are these islands exactly? You are going to have a ninety minute flight from Tampa, Florida. You are going to find pretty much perfect weather any time you go. This is one of the closest destinations in the Caribbean.

Du you want to know some fast facts about these islands?

  • First, English is the language that is spoken here.
  • They are on Eastern Standard time. However, you will want to keep in mind that they do not observe Daylight Savings Time.
  • February will normally be the the coolest month of the year. Temperatures should be in the sixties at this time. Summer temperatures should not reach above ninety. They do have their own currency.
  • Their exchange rate is US $1.20. Most places will accept our currency, but be warned that their change will usually be in their currency.
  • You will need a valid passport or the equivalent to get in.
  • And their electricity current is the same as ours. I know that isn’t important to some, but when you do everything on your communication device, it’s a good thing to know.

I would love to know your thoughts on all this. We will continue this discussion tomorrow.