An ideal client

I’ve decided that I really prefer WordPress to other blogging sites. I have another blog on this site, and I know more of what I’m doing on this. And I am much happier with the way this looks than how I had things set on Tumblr. Switching things over took most of my afternoon, but I think it was worth the effort, don’t you?

Today, I am going to be describing my ideal client to you. I’ve reached the place where I don’t think I can work much more today, but I am going to start looking into how to reach these type people this coming week… But my ideal client is a mother who is on the go. I’m not going to be picky about whether she has a career of her own, if she’s just busy being a wife and mother. Whatever she is, she is busy. She lives by her I phone, it’s how she keeps up with her schedule, her e-mail, etc … But she loves her family, and wants the very best for them. She wants to have the best vacations she can, but she doesn’t have time to plan everything herself.

It’s Friday, and I’m ready to be finished with work stuff… Let me clear. I want any clients I can get, especially right now.. But this is the direction I want to go in.


A normal day?

It is Thursday afternoon, I’m starting to get tired. For those that do not know, I work Monday through Friday or Saturday. I almost never work Sundays unless there is an emergency.. .. And I have a confession to make, I feel like Monday through Wednesday I’m on the ball, doing everything that needs to be done, but by Thursday I’m starting to drag. I’m making myself work, and some weeks I do better than others. I just find myself much more easily distracted [like I just got on Facebook and messed around]. I’m not sure what to do about that..

What is a normal day for me? I’m not really sure.. . Pretty much every morning I work through e-mail, answering whatever needs to be answered, looking through different links. I’m pretty active on LinkedIn, and usually write people on there. And then I do a lot of internet research, most of that is about starting a business. Right now, I’m trying to figure out how to get more clients to work with me, and that’s my focus.

However, I’ve just been looking at my host agency’s website, and there is so much training available to me that I’m not taking advantage of. And I know I should be doing more of that. Knowing how to make everything fit is hard to do. But I need to think through this some more. Hopefully I am going to figure out how to balance everything.

Why use a travel agent

Most everyone has internet access these days. If you don’t have it on your phone, you have it on your computer. And even if you don’t own a computer yourself, most anyone can go to their local library and access computers there. And if you have internet access, you can easily book travel for yourself. There are lots of sites allowing you to book any type of travel that they want. So why use a travel agent when you can do it yourself?

a.. First, everyone I know is extremely busy. Figuring out the trip you want to take to take time away from everything else you want to do
b.. Second, you might be surprised to know that travel agents work on commissions that come from the different suppliers {which means hotels, carrental places, cruise lines, etc}. Some travel agents do charge like a finders’ fee, but others do not. I don’t.
c.. Looking for travel is what we travel agents do from day to day. Keeping up with deals is part of of our job. We also have access to resources that the public doesn’t have . If you want to find the deal of the century, please come to us and let us help.
d.. Okay, so maybe you can plan a simple trip for yourself. But what if you want to take a second honeymoon, or plan a special trip for you and your friends as a celebration. You’ll want something like that to be perfect, right? Travel agents know how to make that special occasion perfect. Try us and you’ll see for yourself.
why to use a travel agent

Sarah Coiner travel agent

My name is Sarah Coiner, and I am the owner of Family Trips Inc which is a business. My website is, and I’m a travel agent who started out this past September. I’m obviously new to this whole thing, and am still figuring a lot of different things out.

Today I’d like to give you a little background. I was born with a disability called Cerebral Palsy. For me, Cerebral Palsy effects everything I do. I am in a wheelchair which someone else has to push, and I spend most my time on my communication device which also serves as my computer. But, in spite of my disability, I have always wanted to work.

The first jobs I had were data entry work. But I quickly learned that I would not want to make a career out of that. I just found the work pretty monotonous.

I also tried running a writing and editing business. Writing and reading have always been passions of mine. Unfortunately, I could never make much money in that business… I have not stopped writing or reading, but I have decided to pursue another line of work as well.

I enjoy internet research and also love working with people, getting to know their hopes and dreams. E-mail is my main means of communication…

I did a lot of research and decided that the best host agency for me would be M Travel. I’ve been with them about six months, and have no real complaints. I have made my very first booking and am hoping to do many, many more.

I must confess that I’ve started this without a whole lot of thought. But my hope is to do well with this.

is anyone interested in newsletters?

I am doing some reading on blog writing. There is a ton of information out there on this topic. And I’m not going to get through it all, or even everything I am going to read on this any time soon. I’m sure I am going to need to make decisions on how often I am going to post and things like that. For now I am going to post something each day.

One thing M Travel gives us agents access to is a service that allows us to send out e-mails to clients. The e-mails that anyone receives depends on the type of travel that you are interested in. Say you’d like to take your family to Disney World sometime, you have absolutely no interest in Asia, you will simply get e-mails about Disney. The more I know about you and your travel interests, the better this is going to work. I know that most people get more e-mail they know what to do with. Believe me, I’m right there with you. Working through e-mail is a large part of what I do each day.. However, I know there are people who have travel dreams. Wouldn’t it be nice to take that first step and start reading up on your favorite destinations?

I would love to work up a profile for anyone that is interested. Please just let me know.