An ideal client

I’ve decided that I really prefer WordPress to other blogging sites. I have another blog on this site, and I know more of what I’m doing on this. And I am much happier with the way this looks than how I had things set on Tumblr. Switching things over took most of my afternoon, but I think it was worth the effort, don’t you?

Today, I am going to be describing my ideal client to you. I’ve reached the place where I don’t think I can work much more today, but I am going to start looking into how to reach these type people this coming week… But my ideal client is a mother who is on the go. I’m not going to be picky about whether she has a career of her own, if she’s just busy being a wife and mother. Whatever she is, she is busy. She lives by her I phone, it’s how she keeps up with her schedule, her e-mail, etc … But she loves her family, and wants the very best for them. She wants to have the best vacations she can, but she doesn’t have time to plan everything herself.

It’s Friday, and I’m ready to be finished with work stuff… Let me clear. I want any clients I can get, especially right now.. But this is the direction I want to go in.

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