Why use a travel agent

Most everyone has internet access these days. If you don’t have it on your phone, you have it on your computer. And even if you don’t own a computer yourself, most anyone can go to their local library and access computers there. And if you have internet access, you can easily book travel for yourself. There are lots of sites allowing you to book any type of travel that they want. So why use a travel agent when you can do it yourself?

a.. First, everyone I know is extremely busy. Figuring out the trip you want to take to take time away from everything else you want to do
b.. Second, you might be surprised to know that travel agents work on commissions that come from the different suppliers {which means hotels, carrental places, cruise lines, etc}. Some travel agents do charge like a finders’ fee, but others do not. I don’t.
c.. Looking for travel is what we travel agents do from day to day. Keeping up with deals is part of of our job. We also have access to resources that the public doesn’t have . If you want to find the deal of the century, please come to us and let us help.
d.. Okay, so maybe you can plan a simple trip for yourself. But what if you want to take a second honeymoon, or plan a special trip for you and your friends as a celebration. You’ll want something like that to be perfect, right? Travel agents know how to make that special occasion perfect. Try us and you’ll see for yourself.
why to use a travel agent

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