Different week/Intro to Ensemble cruises

This week is going to be somewhat different than most work weeks. Most weeks I feel like I can, and really need to, do internet research on how to get more clients and other things to do with running my business. But this week my family is taking a trip, dear friends of ours have a daughter who marries this Saturday. We’re leaving on Wednesday, and while it is my hope to work some while we’re up there, I’m not certain how much internet access I’ll have. And unless we do something unusual like go to the library, my internet access will be at our friends’ house and I know I’ll want to just enjoy being with our friends and not work the whole time. Anyway, I’m kind of just feeling pretty much unmotivated to get into any big projects this week.

I’ve decided that going through training while writing this blog is an excellent way to kill two birds with one stone. I need to learn a lot more about what’s available, and it is my hope that educating you about these products will whet your appetites for some of the things we are offering.

Ensemble travel is the luxury group that my host agency does a lot of work with. And I am going to listen to the introduction to Ensemble today. Ensemble has both hotel packages and cruises to offer travelers, and both are on the nicer end of things. Ensemble really goes over and above your normal travel experience to offer the best of the best. They give land excursions that no one else offers. This is kind of just an overview. I can give you a lot more information by going to Ensemble’s website. Please let me know if you are interested.

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