Getting kind of personal

I didn’t really have a good idea of how much we would be involved in getting ready for the wedding. I loved being part of that. I just didn’t know how little time there would be to work.

To be honest, this next little while is going to be crazy for our family. My sister who lives out west is going to come for a visit, not the day after tomorrow, but the Wednesday after that. And Mom and I are going to take my sister to another sister’s and my brother’s to visit a couple days each. Again I have no idea how much I am going to be working while we do all this. I love hanging out with my family, and know I’ll want to enjoy my family.

Also, my grandfather is really not doing well. He and my grandmother live with us, so it’s kind of been busy around here trying to figure out what we need to do there. We’re thinking that he might need to go live somewhere else.

Life just feels pretty crazy right now. I’ve been busy catching on e-mail and things like that today. I talked to a few people this past weekend who may be interested in doing business with me, and so I’ve added them to my database… But one thing I do know, I love this job. Part of me wishes we had more time with my friends, but I love getting back into work.. Tomorrow should be a more normal post.

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