Disney cruises

I’m a little embarrassed about Tuesday’s post mix up. I’m not sure how to get that post back into the right place… But today is Thursday, and I have a home group meeting tonight. So I’m kind of trying to do everything I need to get done quickly since I won’t have any time tonight.

Because I do have time constraints, I’ve decided to do a shorter training session. It also happens to be about Disney cruises. I have to say that I made my first booking through Disney, the trip is actually next week. And Disney seems to just be an extraordinary company to work with. And if there was one trip I could take, it would probably be a Disney cruise. Hearing about these makes me want to go.

This is mostly going to be talking about Disney’s new Fantasy ship. This ship has a boutique where little girls can go and get made up into their favorite princess. This is Disney after all. What Disney trip would be complete without girls being made to look like their favorite Disney princesses? Fantasy also has its own water park.

does something a little different with dining. Each night you will be eating at a different restaurant. But you will have the same servers each night. So they’ll get to know any special needs that you might have.

This is Disney, and much of what goes on is aimed at children. But there are some adult only places for you adults to go. I think they’ll have places where you can leave your children so you will have time to enjoy couple time as well. There is something for each different age group. There are all kinds of different types of entertainment, from deck parties to off-Broadway plays. And of course you will also get to meet your more favorite Disney characters. Disney always has meet and greets where you can meet characters, and get autographs.

I need to go, try to get some other things done this afternoon… Does anyone have Disney adventures that they would like to share?

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