Norwegian Cruises

I ended up having a better weekend than I thought I might. I like having time with friends on Sunday since that is the day I pretty much refuse to work. I have friends I usually do things with, but they were busy yesterday. But I ended up going to a meeting with people from church yesterday afternoon… But anyway, my sister is coming in from out west this Wednesday, and I think I am going to mostly just hang out with her while she is here since we do not see them much. But in the meantime, I’m working with a couple of different clients, and I’m enjoying that.

My hope is to book a family on Norwegian Cruises before too much longer, so that’s why I decided to listen to a training on Norwegian today. Norwegian is a cruise line that lets you make your own decisions. Most cruises have either early dining or late dining, but you have to be in the dining room at either of those times. Also, a lot of cruises have assigned seating. Norwegian has its dining room opened more like your typical restaurant, and you decide what time you want to eat and who you sit with.

Norwegian has a wide variety of destinations that you can choose from. But they have their newest ships in New York and Florida. One of the new ships has a chef who has been on the Iron Chef, so that’s kind of cool.

Is anyone interested in taking a Norwegian cruise? Would you write and tell me about where you would like to go?

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