Disney destinations, part #2

Wednesday is a different kind of day because my aide who gives me lunch and my bath has class on Wednesdays, and so she comes a lot later. I don’t mind at all, in fact I like having a nice long stretch to work. Today I’ve been pretty distracted, kind of impatient to go get my sister and nephew who don’t get in until tonight.

But let’s get back to our overview of Disney’s destinations… I’m not going to go through Disney’s Cruise line, since I blogged about that recently.

Adventures by Disney takes you to about twenty-five different destinations around the world. Disney has not one but two guides on every trip that they do. You can tour Costa Rica, and this trip is especially designed with teenagers in mind… Disney is taking adventures in Scotland, and these were actually inspired by the movie “Brave”. They also tour other places in Europe, including Italy. I’ve always been kind of fascinated with going to Italy because my grandmother is from there.. Disney always takes care of your bags for you as you go on these excursions, so that’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about as you check in and out of the resorts. Around 90% of your dining is included in these trips. You stay on four or five star properties most of the time. Disney also gets you vip service, which means you never have to wait in line. They are going to take your kids from time to time to give you a break. And they also have some adult only excursions. This is the one product where you are not going to see any Disney characters.

And the last product is Aulani, which is a Disney resort in Hawaii. Disney actually had native Hawaiians design the property. There are some characters that are around, but they are not part of the decorations much. This resort is relatively quiet. There is one shopping center nearby, but this place is not bustling. It is meant to truly be a place of relaxation, a place to unwind. And of course, if you go, you will have all kinds of dining options. There is a huge spa area. The resort also has one of the only teen spas in Hawaii. The children’s activities are all included in the price.

I would love to know what Disney destination you are interested in.

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