Personal update

I’m kind of trying to just check in. My sister is here from Washington State. She and her baby, well he’s two, flew in Wednesday night. Mom and I picked the two of them up and went to another of my sister’s. We hung out up there all day Thursday. I’m actually the oldest of eight children, and a couple of my brothers live around my sister. So we all kind of hung out up there. Hung out at my sister’s and talked more than anything. I ended up talking to my sister who lives out west a lot about my business. I think she is going to become another client which is exciting. Friday we went back to my house. Both sisters ended up coming with us which was a fun surprise. My grandparents lives with us, well Grandpa is in rehab right now, so some people went to see him, but mostly everyone hung out. Saturday everyone was just around the house. We ended up having some really good time just as sisters. That might be the highlight of our time together so far. Then yesterday we came to my brother’s who lives near the beach. I’m not the biggest fan of the beach, so I’ve mostly stayed around the house and tried to catch up on work things.. I love my family, but I really do enjoy my work.

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