I have some of the best brothers and sisters in the world, I truly believe that. One of my brothers took family on a vacation to Disney World, that was my very first booking. Now he and his wife, along with at least one of my sister’s and her husband, my other siblings are trying to decide if they want to go on this… Actually, I’m considering going as well, but have a whole lot to figure out if I do go… Anyway, today I’ve decided to kill two birds with one stone as it were and go through some training on Carnival Cruise Lines.

I wasn’t able to find any training through M Travel that I think would really work for my purposes, So I am going to read through Carnival’s official website and hopefully glean enough information to make a good post. And this will probably be more up to date, which should be a good thing, especially in light of last year…

we are going to look at what there is to do on a Carnival Cruise first. You always have pools onboard any ship, usually there are several different pools you can choose from. You can also treat yourself to a day at the spa, which is another popular thing to do while on ships. There is golf for you to enjoy. Ships usually have some kids on board, but Carnival has sanctuaries where kids are not allowed. So if you want sometime to relax in peace and quiet, you can always go there. They even have salons where you can go to get pretty.

You are also going to have all kinds of dining option when you are on board a Carnival Cruise ship. I see all-American classics, barbecue, sushi, coffee bars, a steakhouse, I’m making myself hungry.. Room service is always available as well.

I think the big thing my siblings are wanting to do is dive, so I know that is available to you as well.

I am going to do some more research before deciding whether or not I am going to go on this… But what about you?

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