Summer vacation

I think I am going to do something kind of different today, since today is Friday… I have a question, what were your family vacations like growing up? Did you look forward to these vacations or dread them? When I think of the family vacations we took when I was a kid, I think of going to my grandparents in the summer. My parents had grown up in the same small town, and my two sets of grandparents lived about ten minutes away from each other, so we would go back and forth. I loved staying with my Mom’s parents while most of my family stayed with Dad’s parents. Mom’s family tends to spoil me. But Dad’s parents did put in a pool, and we hung out a lot over there during the day.. I also remember that at at some point during our vacation, my family would take off by themselves, leaving us with either my favorite aunt or my grandparents. That I loved those times… But enough about me, I would love to hear about memories you have.

Now let’s go through some reasons why family travel together during the summer..

  • First, we are a very busy people. In most families, both parents work, and the children have school and other activities. Vacations are a time when families can get away from their hectic lives and enjoy each other.
  • Vacation can have educational value as well. Maybe your family would like to go to DC and tour the capital. Or maybe you’d like to go out west and see where the Indians used to live… I would suggest you plan some downtime where you will just enjoy time together, but maybe that’s just me remembering my own childhood where museums got boring after a day.
  • But maybe you would like to go somewhere like a ranch, and see what life is like in other people’s shoes. There are ways to do this as well… You will be learning, having fun, and likely making some new friends along the way.

Whatever you end up doing, I hope you have the time of your lives. I would love to hear about your vacation plans for the summer.

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