I think I am going to go back to my standby and go through a training session and write out my thoughts on this. I know I need to figure out my niche, I know I’ve been going all over the place with this blog lately, but right now all I want to do is make sure I get something posted.

Today we are going to talk about Europe, and some of what it has to offer. These people that are doing this particular training specialize in working up independent vacations. You are going to be able to choose exactly what kind of accommodations you want. There are boutiques and nice hotels, and I even see castles on the lists. The people here are going to help us travel agents make the right decisions for you, the clients. They know all the properties you can choose from, and make sure all the properties are up to a certain standard.

But just because they have standards for where you will stay does not mean you are going to have to take a standard vacation. This place does different kinds of tours. For example, they have a jazz tour in Prague. These people do do more standard tours as well, so if you want to do some kind of a mixture of both you might want to consider these people as well… Because these people have been to these destinations, these people know the people at each place and can do special things for us. This is to your advantage as you book your travels, and they also offer services as you travel as well.

It has been a really crazy day, and I need to do some other things. I will finish this training tomorrow.


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