Disney at Christmas

My days are starting to get busier, and I love it. I have a couple of different trips I’m looking into for people. I’m looking into writing some articles for travel magazine as a way to get the word out about Family Trips Inc. And then there is this to write each day, as well as keeping up with my e-mail. I’m feeling like my business is growing little by little. At first, mostly I was checking e-mail, doing some training, and looking at how to start a business. Then I started this, and now I’m looking into more marketing things, trying to start writing articles and getting more and more business. I love it.

One of my projects is looking at what Disney has to offer at Christmas, so let’s look at that today. First of all, Mickey has his own Christmas party. You will need to purchase a special ticket in order to attend the special event. Apparently, Cinderella’s castle gets lit up by her fairy Godmother. Mickey has a parade with some of his friends, Goofy, Pooh, and Tigger are a few that always come to this celebration.

Disney also has the Christmas story, and I do mean the real Christmas story, read by a celebrity during holiday time. You will also be hearing choral music throughout the presentation. You can make reservations for a candlelit lunch or dinner, and signing up for a meal will ensure that you will get into this event. Otherwise, it’s first come, first serve.

I think I am going to write more on Disney at Christmas tomorrow. Write and let me know your thoughts.


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