Big Bear, California

I got up pretty early, and think I should get on with this. We’re having our primary here today. I’m not sure when we are going to go vote, but I know I need to make the most of my time today.

Most people, when they think of visiting California, think of big cities, going to Hollywood to meet the star, visiting Los Angelos. But have you considered where these stars  go when they need a break? California has awesome mountains where people can go and just relax.. So have you ever been to Big Bear Lake, California? This is a man-made lake, but is still beautiful. Several resorts are built there. Big Bear has something for you whatever your trip budget is, and no matter what time of year to go.. Big Bear is a great place to go skiing in winter, but you will also enjoy the lake in the summer months.

If you are mostly interested in a quiet vacation for you and your family, and are interested in saving money, you should consider go in either spring or fall when rates are lower. True, you may not be able to swim or ski, but there will always be fun things for you to enjoy. Big Bear is geared to tourists year-round. And there are golf courses and spas as well.

I would love to know your thoughts on this.

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