Do we need summer vacations? Part #2

I did not get up early today. I’ve got to get some things done today, so I am going to take care of this first..


Let’s go back to question of why we should take a vacation in summer. Yesterday we looked more at why you need a vacation for work purposes, today let’s focus more on reasons why your family needs a vacation. Families is usually extremely busy. The kids have school and sports, and most parents are working full time, as well as other. Sometimes you can live in the same house and still hardly see each other. And even when you are in that place you call home, there are always things that need to be done around the house. Going away on vacation gives you time to reconnect to the people that are the most important to you.


Vacations also allow you to make some life long memories as a family. I know some of my favorite memories growing over are of family vacations. And I love to listen to Mom tell about trips she took as a little girl.


Vacations are also a to make discoveries about your family’s interests. It’s always good to sit down before your vacations and discuss where your family wants to go and what they want to do. But even on vacation you can discover things about what your enjoys eating and things like that.


I didn’t know this, but I have something to do tonight, so I’d better get on to some other things.

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