Washington DC

We are going to my sister who lives in Atlanta late Thursday evening, so I’ve decided to go on and work today, and enjoy hanging out with my family on Friday. We are going to be celebrating a couple of family birthdays this weekend, and since one of my favorite things to do is chilling out with my family, I think that is going to give me a better break anyway. I have several things I would really like to do today, so I am going to go on and get started.


I know I have written about my desire to go to Washington DC in the not-too-distant future. I have some personal reasons for wanting to go there. But today, let’s look at some things there are to do in the DC area.. One thing I know of is the Smithsonian. The Smithsonian has more than twenty museums in its network, and all of them are absolutely free. That even includes the DC zoo, I just double checked that to make sure that is right, and it is. There are several history museums [which happen to be my favorite], different art museums I know.. Even before my aunt moved there, my grandparents lived a couple of hours away from DC, and we would go up there for a day trip some summers, so I am somewhat familiar with that area.


Our nation’s capital is pretty easy to walk, we’ve spent a day walking to the different monuments. Driving around in this city is not awful, though parking can be somewhat challenging, particularly if you have a large vehicle. If you want to get the least expensive rates, you will want to go in either late summer or winter.


I’m not sure why, but we’ve never toured the White House or the capitol. I think both would be interesting to see… And there are many theaters with plays going on if that would be something that interests you.


I am going to go on to some other things..

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