I know I have things to do, but I’m really not sure where to go with the business right now. Or rather I have some ideas, but everything seems to take so much time. And with my disability, between not being able to decide when to do things and having to have help with everything, time feels hard to control. Maybe this mini vacation this weekend will help me figure out some things. I sure hope so.


Doing this every day can get difficult to come up with new ideas, especially when I’m kind of tired of working. Today I am going to listen to another training. This is going to be somewhat different in that this is a travel agent giving this training instead of someone who works for a supplier. This is a lady travel agent who went on a cruise with a group.


This travel agent chose the trip she and this group of hers would be going on, and she chose a cruise on a large ship. She decided on this because on a large ship you will have lots of choices of what to do to and off the ship. If you are ever in charge of planning a cruise for a group, [first, please book through me], and second know the group you are traveling with, get a feel for the things they like to do, decide beforehand whether you will take children, etc. Knowing this type of thing will ensure that everyone has a great time.


On larger ships, you will have restaurants where you can order meals just like you would at any restaurants, as well as your buffets. My fellow travel agent said that the restaurant food was pretty nice, though nothing was gourmet, and the buffets were adequate. But we travel agents like for everything to be perfect for each of our guests, so we tend to be more picky.


You may also want to know that these ships may have a good bit of room in the cabins for not a lot more money. That’s good to know because cabin can be pretty small.


I think I am going to go, do some other things.

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