We are heading to my sister’s in Atlanta tomorrow evening after a little celebration my brother has at his school. I’m looking forward to this trip a lot, looking forward to hanging out with my and taking a from my routine for a little while. But I still have things to do, and this morning turned out to be pretty unproductive, so I’ve got to get some things done.


Today the training that caught my eye was about Israel. I am a Christian, have been since I was a little girl. Israel is the setting of the bible. Church groups love to go to Israel together, so let’s get started on this training.


Israel has a whole lot of culture. It is, of course, where most of the events of the bible took place. Most trips to this country will allow you to see at least some of the historical sites. Jerusalem, which is the historical capital, is a very diverse place, being the home of the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faiths. There are huge places of worship of each faith in this city that you may want to explore. But Israel has modern places as well.


But why travel as a group? Some people like to travel in groups, either with people they already know or as a way to get to know new people. Groups will also get good discounts on food and lodging, as well as the benefit of having a tour guide who will do all the planning for you.


I would love to go see Israel. What about you?


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