We are going to be talking about Peru today. I’m mostly just picking out trainings that look interesting and doing them. And today I was just looking for something easy to do so I would be sure to get this done.. So let’s get started.


Peru has lots of history and culture, and is also starting to get into the luxury market. This country has a lot of archealogical appeal. This has been what it has been known for for decades. It is the home of the Inca Empire. But one of the oldest cities in the Americas have been found in Peru, and this city dates back to the time of the Pyramids in Egypt. This country also has the largest Adobe city in the world. Going to Peru would also enable you to visit the salt mines… You are also going to find a lot of birds and plant life that might interest you.


Years ago, Peru may have been best for the adventure types, the people who love to backpack and camp. But in the last five years especially, they have built a lot of really nice hotels there, which enables you to see these beautiful places and still have a luxurious vacation. They also have a lot of great new restaurants with equisite dining for you to choose from. There are also a lot of festivals in the region.


I am going to go do some other things.. Let me know any thoughts you have on Peru, or any questions you may have.

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