New ideas

I must say that even just taking Friday and Saturday off this past week [I work on Saturdays sometimes], has given me several ideas of marketing strategies that I’d like to try. And I’m thankful for that, because I was kind of discouraged last week. I just wasn’t sure what to do to grow my business… My hope is that my family is going to take a real week-long vacation at some point this summer, but in the meantime I have things I would really like to get done.


The sister I went to see is starting a little business of her own, but is mostly being a good wife and mother. This business is just a hobby for her, but talking to her as well as some friends of hers have given me some ideas.


I may need to try to explain some things about myself. I think by now most of you know that I am disabled. My disability is pretty severe in that I am unable to do much for myself. So I end up spending a lot of time in my room on my computer. And I both like it and don’t like it at the same time. I like it in that I have lots of things to do on my computer that I enjoy doing. But especially on the weekends, it is nice to do things with friends… Anyway, my idea is to try to connect with other businesses on Facebook and things like that and try to get more clients that way. I’m also considering writing a letter about my business and sending it to everyone I know.


I really wanted to make sure I got this done today. And now I need to get through my e-mail.. Writing this blog and working through my e-mail each day is what I consider foundational to my business.

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