Africa, part #2

I first started Family Trips Inc this past September. And when I first started, mostly I was working through e-mail and listening to one train session each day. Then I started looking at marketing, my biggest step in that being when I started this blog. And for a while there, I was mostly doing this and working through e-mail. But I seem to keep adding things that I need to do each day, and most days I still thoroughly enjoy what I’m doing. I know I am blessed.


Okay, let’s get back to Africa.. If you do go to this exotic place, the tours I’m hearing about today are mostly all-inclusive tours though you are always free to customize anything you’d like, and one thing most people love is eating breakfast out in the Bush. People love it because you are out on this open plane, seeing all the beautiful sights, but you are still enjoying a gourmet breakfast. On most of these tours, you will be going to different villages, and getting to know the people of Africa. You will also get to take walk high above some of the forests, enjoying wonderful views. You might get to take a cooking class and get to learn how African dishes are made… You may even get to meet Timon from “Lion King”, or at least get to see some mere cats.


These tours do offer you excellent accommodations. You will also have some great dining experiences. You are also going to get a lot for your money since everything is included in your packages. You will be able to choose whether you want escorted tours or not. Something you should keep in mind is that there is a lot of driving on the guided tours, and what you will be riding on is not nice highways like we have in the US, these are rough roads that are pretty difficult on those that have back problems.


you are also going to get to see monkeys and gorillas.. I have a sister who absolutely would love to get a monkey for a pet… Well, that used to be her dream, now that she has my nephew who is almost like a monkey, I’m not sure if she still wants a monkey or not.. I am going to stop again.. Is anyone interested in going to Africa?


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