Avanti’s Italy part #1

I had a really nice weekend, and have several things planned for evenings this week… I also heard that the next couple of weeks we are going to be doing some traveling. We aren’t going anywhere until after Friday, so this week should be pretty normal with work, but after that I’m not sure how much I’ll be around for the next couple weeks. I have several things I want to do today, so let’s get started.


Today let’s look at Italy, and what people might do there. Not only is my Grandma Italian, I also have some clients hoping to go sometime next summer… This training I’m listening to is by Avanti, and I think they tend to be on the nicer end of travel. Avanti does not have trips anywhere in the world. They want to do the destinations they do have to perfection, so that’s why they are limited. Avanti has a whole lot of connections with all aspects of travel, making it easier for you, and me, your travel agent, to plan excellent trips without a lot of trouble. You need to describe your dream trip, and Avanti and I can make it happen.


Moving on to Italy itself, it sounds like you are going to do a minimum of a six night stay. You will be staying in at least three star hotels. Your breakfasts will be part of the travel package, as well as one three-course dinner at each of your destinations, meaning each city you visit. You can do three days in Rome, three days in Florence or Venice. But really where you go and what you do are up to you. Avanti’s packages are mostly suggestions. You are going to be able to customize anything you wish. You are also more than welcome to add a river cruise before or after your trip to Italy. Italy is great for those who love art and culture, as well as those that love food and wine. Rome itself has a ton of history, because of the great Roman empire which we all learned about in history. And it is also the center of the Catholic faith, of course. You can choose different tours you would like to do. The Vatican is one of your options. You can also do art tours or do a tour of the colleseums. All of these are three-hour tours, but if you decide to do a Pompeii tour, that is going to be twelve hours.


I am going to stop this for today and get to some other things… I will pick this back up tomorrow.

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