Avanti’s Italy part #2

I am hopefully going to be writing a magazine article this week, honestly, it’s just an online magazine. And I’m doing this to get some advertisement for my business. I’ve always loved to write, and hope this is my first of many ventures toward publication… So I need to get this done and move on to other things.


Let’s get back to Azamara’s Italy.. One thing I did not mention yesterday is that most of your tours should be covered in your package price, you will not have to pay extra on most things. With Avanti, you are going to be staying in very nice accommodations. The lowest places you can stay at are three star hotels. I’m seeing pictures of rooms that are absolutely stunning.


from Rome, we are moving on to Venice, which is where most of you’re traveling is done by water in gondolas. But there are some actual roads there. Not much has changed in Venice in the last six hundred years, wowzers! And again, with Azamara, you are going to stay in very nice hotels. One of your hotel options is a refurbished palace. This hotel does have internet, and also has an elaborate breakfast which most Americans just love. This is what is called a 3+ star hotel. But you can always upgrade to a nicer hotel if you like.


Next, we are going to talk about Florence. The picture they have up to introduce Florence is a beautiful picture of a lake at night, with lights shining off of it. You should go to Florence if you love art. This is the city where the Renaissance started, so you are going to see some of the world’s masterpieces.


I think that is enough for today.. I think Italy may be one of the places I’d personally like to visit most. What about you?

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