Avanti’s Italy part #3

I think we are going to continue on with Italy. There is more of this training, and I’m finding it fascinating… I am going to be honest, my family rarely stays in hotels, we’d rather stay with friends or family, and when we do have to have a hotel it’s the cheapest place we can find. I don’t know anything about starred hotels or what that even means. [Alert : this is likely to be a future post] but even the three star hotel looks very nice to me. And this hotel is in Florence. It actually looks more like a home there would instead of your average hotel.


san Gimignano is another place you can visit through Avanti. This city is in North Italy, and is famous for its architecture. It is also known for its white wine, apparently they grow the perfect grapes to make the wine. You can see the vineyards… Another city is Lucca, and this is a walled city. You can walk around the walls of this city and get an amazing view. Montepulciano is a city you should visit if you are into history. This city is also known to have excellent food and wine.


Besides hotels, Avanti also has villas you can stay in villas. These are perfect if you are traveling in a group. Or villas are also a nice option to consider if you decide to go to Italy with Avanti on your honeymoon.


Avanti really wants you to immerse in the culture of wherever you are going. So they are going to give you the cooking classes and the wine tastings. They want you to get to know the people, and what their lives are really like in the cooking classes, you will not only learn to cook, but you will also learn how the locals shop.


I I find it interesting that one of the tours they call romantic is in what was once a monastery. It has now been turned into a five star hotel. It has two restaurants on the property, and you will mostly be served very fresh foods.


I’m still not through this training. And I’m not sure whether I am going to pick this back up tomorrow. But I would love to know your thoughts so far.

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