Hotel ratings

It has been kind of a crazy day here, just have had to do a lot of waiting around for other people. That’s just part of life, especially when you need help doing everything. But anyway, I should have several hours to work now, which is a nice feeling.


Having been a travel agent for less than a year, there is so much to learn everywhere I turn. And since learn best writing things out, I’m kind of using this blog to learn the different things I need to. I’ve truly gotten my curiosity up about how hotels and other properties get their stars. So let’s take a look at that today. Is there even a consistent rating system in place? What I’m reading so far is that there is no one standard, and that hotel do rate things differently according to their tastes. Aha, this is only in some parts of the world. However, since they are all looking at the same criteria, it is not likely that one critic would rate a hotel a five star, and another would give it only two.


There is a standard in North America. The go to people in this industry are now called Forbes. And they are now the people that decide everything. The AAA [American Automobile Association] does the same thing in the United States.


I feel like I’m moving about as fast as a snail today, so I am going to go. I would love to know your thoughts on this.

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