River cruises part #2

I am working on a trip for friends of my parents. I’ve sent some information about a couple of different places to them. Hopefully we are going to figure this trip out. I am going to do this while I wait to hear back.


Back to river cruises. You are not going to have to worry about how you are going to get from one place to the other on river cruises, all of that is covered for you. They have complimentary wi-fi, although I’m not quite sure what that means. Uniworld calls itself a six-star experience. And the first star represents their expertise. They are the oldest river cruise line to cater to the North American clientele. Most of their cruises are to Europe, so the crew knows the destinations well. They have a ratio of one staff member for every three guests. Most cruise lines have that ratio as one to four. Uniworld also prides itself on having pretty unique décor, décor that is most like what you would see in Europe.


You are going to also experience some wonderful cuisine on board these ships. They have one master chef who oversees all the food that you will be served. They make it a point to buy locally, enabling you to have very fresh food. They mostly serve food that is inspired by the places you are visiting… If you were to go on one of these cruises, you would have several choices each day as to what you would do at each port of call.


You will be getting a great value on your trip. Everything is included in the price of the cruise itself except anything you would have done at a spa or anything you buy at the gift shop. Everything about these ships is luxurious. Think of a country club floating on the water.


I think it is time for me to stop once more. Is anyone interested in a river cruise? Please let me know.

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