It is Monday, and I have several things I need to do. I’m kind of just wanting to get this done, so I can get on to some others.


As a travel agent, I am taught about different times that couples want to take trips together. There is the honeymoon, of course, and then most couples like to do a lot of traveling once they retire. There are family trips in between. But couples often like leaving their children with people they trust, and having sometime to relax and reconnect as a couple. And today I am going about something I haven’t heard of until I started working in the travel industry. This is a trip couples take after having a baby, and it is called a babymoon. Today, let’s explore what that is. And now that I’m looking online, it seems like babymoons are what most people call a trip you and your husband take during your pregnancy. We’ll probably take a look at the first trip away from baby later this week.


Perhaps you are an expecting mother, wanting to get away with your husband for a few days. Please e-mail me if you are interested in planning something like this. I will be more than happy to help you plan something like this.


You’ll definitely want to consider when you want to take this babymoon, though somewhere in the middle of your pregnancy will likely be ideal. You will likely want to plan a pretty relaxing trip. Think about pampering yourself by laying out by the pool, getting massages, and eating your favorite foods rather than doing a tour somewhere that is going to keep you busy from morning to night. This is not a time to go to a foreign country. Plan on no more than four hours of travel. You might want to get an out of the way room, or even get a cabin.


I really need to get some other things done. I am going to go on for today.

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