Africa, part #3

I’m glad it’s Friday, even though I’m not sure if we’re doing anything fun this weekend. I have been working a lot this week, or at least feel like I have been. I’m ready to relax some.


Let’s go back to Africa for one more day… I am going to be honest, I have never liked camping.. Well, hanging out during the day is fine, especially when we’re with friends. But I have problems sleeping when I’m anywhere except a bed. I don’t like going places where there is no electricity.. Okay, okay, unless we are going to just hang out with family or friends, I don’t like going places where there is no internet.. However, I know other people like to do remote trips, and you can certainly do that in Africa. And one of the things you might see if you do a remote trip is see rhinoceroses. But these trips do require walking for up to three hours, so you will want to keep that in mind. You can also see deserts. I’m confused as to where you’d stay on one of these trips. I’m guessing it’s a combination of lodges and nicer hotels. You can decide what you want to do, these tours are pretty flexible. Even when you do what they call camping, you will have nice places to sleep. You will not be sleeping on the ground. Everyone helping you on these trips just wants to make you happy.


These people have a tour guide for every six people. You will be with these six people for your entire trip, so it is perfect for three couples of friends to go together. Getting friends to go with you will also save you money, because you will be sharing the cost of your trip.. When should you go? It pretty much doesn’t matter when you go, you are going to see animals… I am going to post this… We will be starting something new on Monday.

Africa, part #2

I first started Family Trips Inc this past September. And when I first started, mostly I was working through e-mail and listening to one train session each day. Then I started looking at marketing, my biggest step in that being when I started this blog. And for a while there, I was mostly doing this and working through e-mail. But I seem to keep adding things that I need to do each day, and most days I still thoroughly enjoy what I’m doing. I know I am blessed.


Okay, let’s get back to Africa.. If you do go to this exotic place, the tours I’m hearing about today are mostly all-inclusive tours though you are always free to customize anything you’d like, and one thing most people love is eating breakfast out in the Bush. People love it because you are out on this open plane, seeing all the beautiful sights, but you are still enjoying a gourmet breakfast. On most of these tours, you will be going to different villages, and getting to know the people of Africa. You will also get to take walk high above some of the forests, enjoying wonderful views. You might get to take a cooking class and get to learn how African dishes are made… You may even get to meet Timon from “Lion King”, or at least get to see some mere cats.


These tours do offer you excellent accommodations. You will also have some great dining experiences. You are also going to get a lot for your money since everything is included in your packages. You will be able to choose whether you want escorted tours or not. Something you should keep in mind is that there is a lot of driving on the guided tours, and what you will be riding on is not nice highways like we have in the US, these are rough roads that are pretty difficult on those that have back problems.


you are also going to get to see monkeys and gorillas.. I have a sister who absolutely would love to get a monkey for a pet… Well, that used to be her dream, now that she has my nephew who is almost like a monkey, I’m not sure if she still wants a monkey or not.. I am going to stop again.. Is anyone interested in going to Africa?

Africa Part #1

I’m the type of person who really likes doing what has to be done day to day first thing. I like knowing that whatever it is has been done, and then I can move on to other things. I got up early today, so let’s get started.


I’m listening in on a training on Africa today.. When I think of Africa, I think of a very poor land whose people struggle to survive. And I think about going to Africa, and I think anyone wanting to go there has to be doing missions of some kind. But Africa is a gorgeous land, and you can find luxury here, even at reasonable prices. Going to Africa is going to enable you to see a lot of wildlife : lions, zebras, elephants, rhinoceroses and water buffaloes are just a few of the animals you might see on a visit.


The people who are doing this training offer different tours for travelers. They do one in South Africa, another in Kenya and so on. You may be camping sometimes on these tours. Africa even has wine tours, I find that interesting. not only can you see animals, you can also get up close and personal with the people. You can visit some of these villages and see how these people live.


I think I am going to get back to this tomorrow, so I can move on to some other things for today. I would love to hear any questions you might have about Africa.

Royal Caribbean Cruises

I have all these things I want, and feel like I need, to do for my business. One of the big things I’m working on is a letter to everyone I know about Family Trips Inc. And I’ve considering using that as today’s post, but have decided not to just because I would rather not have people reading this letter several times, getting bored with it and not doing anything with it.. I’ve also had kind of a crazy day with my aides. Anyway, I’d better get going if I want to accomplish anything today.


Let’s talk about going on a cruise with your family today. One thing you might want to keep in mind is that there is a huge cruise sale sometime in October for the following year. So if you are considering taking your family on a cruise in 2015, you might want to keep that in mind… Today’s training is specifically on Royal Caribbean, and they have won many awards for family cruising. Multi generational cruising is growing at a fast rate as are so many other kinds of multi generational travel. So yes, a cruise would be great for yourself, your spouse and your kids. But consider the possibility of asking your parents, and your siblings as well. These cruise ships have limited programs for babies and toddlers. And by that I mean, the programs for the youngest passengers are not set up to care for your babies while you go off. These are more for you and your baby to meet other mothers and their babies. Once your children turn three, Royal Caribbean does provide childcare, which not only entertains but also educates.


But Royal Caribbean loves enabling families to enjoy being together. There are different shows onboard which your family can enjoy together. They also have water parks on most of their ships. Royal Caribbean has a relationship with DreamWorks Studios which allows them to put on DreamWorks productions, and have characters on the ships, which also of course allows for character dining. And the character dining are all part of your fare. You will not have to pay extra.


I am going to go.. I would really like to know your thoughts on this.

New ideas

I must say that even just taking Friday and Saturday off this past week [I work on Saturdays sometimes], has given me several ideas of marketing strategies that I’d like to try. And I’m thankful for that, because I was kind of discouraged last week. I just wasn’t sure what to do to grow my business… My hope is that my family is going to take a real week-long vacation at some point this summer, but in the meantime I have things I would really like to get done.


The sister I went to see is starting a little business of her own, but is mostly being a good wife and mother. This business is just a hobby for her, but talking to her as well as some friends of hers have given me some ideas.


I may need to try to explain some things about myself. I think by now most of you know that I am disabled. My disability is pretty severe in that I am unable to do much for myself. So I end up spending a lot of time in my room on my computer. And I both like it and don’t like it at the same time. I like it in that I have lots of things to do on my computer that I enjoy doing. But especially on the weekends, it is nice to do things with friends… Anyway, my idea is to try to connect with other businesses on Facebook and things like that and try to get more clients that way. I’m also considering writing a letter about my business and sending it to everyone I know.


I really wanted to make sure I got this done today. And now I need to get through my e-mail.. Writing this blog and working through my e-mail each day is what I consider foundational to my business.