Grand Canyon part #1

I’ve never started a post this late. We’re on vacation, well, on a trip anyway, and since I have internet I’ve decided to try to do this. I am going to be trying out a new resources that I hope to be using a lot of on this.
Let’s look at the Grand Canyon today. My family went out west the fall of my senior year of high school. To be honest, I remember very little of that trip. I do remember the Grand Canyon as being much bigger than I thought it would be. It was also beautiful. Being there made my Dad want to try to fly, as in by himself not in a plane. He didn’t try anything stupid thankfully.
The Grand Canyon is one of the most visited natural wonders in the world. And since that is the case, this is a great place to visit in the fall, so you can avoid the crowds. Late October is likely the best time you can go. Just seeing this place is absolutely awesome. You are going to get incredible views, especially at sunrise and sunset. There are museums you can explore.
I have no idea what tomorrow is going to be like. But I am going to get back to this. There is a ton of Information on this new site I’m exploring.


Fall trips part #1


My family is head out of town sometime tomorrow, and I am really not sure how much I am going to be online while we’re up there. We have some really good friends up there, and I can get internet at their house without a problem. But I have no idea how much we are going to be at our friends’ house. And honestly, when everyone is together I won’t want to work. I am just going to have to play this by ear.
Back to our discussions on trips for fall.. Since we are in the fall season, one of the things you might want to do is plan on taking some hikes to look at the fall leaves. And one of the best places to do that is in New England. The foliage you are going to see up there is going to be beautiful. This is also the home of a lot of American history. Visit the place where Paul Revere made his famous ride. Explore Philadelphia where our most important documents were written. New England is famous for having Bed and Breakfasts for you to stay in. And there are also a lot of Amish up that way who not only offer spectacular service, but also are some of the best food around, especially if you have a sweet tooth.

Fall is also a great time to explore Honolulu. Fall is a much quieter time to enjoy the beaches of the islands. And again, the quieter the season the better deals you can get. Hawaii also has museums for you to enjoy.

Let’s get back to this tomorrow. Let me know if anything I’m writing about inspires you to take a trip. I would be more than happy to help.

Fall trip advantages


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wWe still have one of my sisters and her two children here… Saturday was lots of fun for everyone. But most everyone is out of the house right now, and I figured I might as well work. I truly do enjoy my work.
I think I am going to take a look at what trips people recommend in the fall. Maybe you are a single who had to watch all your coworkers and their families take vacations while you worked endless hours. Or maybe you and your spouse feel a need to leave the kids and your kids behind and enjoy being just the two of you again Whatever your reasons why, there are some advantages to doing a trip in the fall.
The first big advantage is you are going to be away from the crowds. Summer and the holidays are the biggest times that people, especially families, travel. So taking your trip in the fall allows you to have a quieter and more relaxing trip.
And since fall is not a busy travel season, you are going to find that you will likely be spending less on attractions and accommodation. People in these businesses need to have at least some money coming in during the slower times. You may also get somewhat better service since your hosts are not running around trying to meet everyone’s needs.
I think I am going to turn this into a series and go on to some other things for today. I’d love to hear about fall trips you took in the past or you have the future.

August vacation ideas

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I will usually have plans with friend on Sunday afternoon, and will do things with my family who lives in this house. But this weekend, I have a lot of fun plans. We have friends coming to dinner tonight. And my siblings who have left home will start trickling in this evening as well. By tomorrow morning all my siblings should be here, and we have a full day of eating and fun planned. And then two of my siblings and their spouses will be going on a cruise, and that is the second trip I have planned. So I’m very excited and kind of distracted by our fun plans. I’m also not really sure what next week is going to look like with work either, I am going to just play this by ear. And by the way, I’ve never been good with pictures on the computer. Please be patient with me as work on figuring out how to add pictures to these posts.
I know that many families are gearing up for school to start back. Personally I think it is way too early to start back to school, but of course I’m not in charge of all that. I thought we’d do something a little different today and talk about vacationing in August. I know there are some parts of this country where school is still a while off, and this may be your perfect chance to plan your summer vacation. Since this is the time that a lot of children head back to school, August is a time you can get a good deal at Disney World. And not only is it a less expensive time, you are not going to have to fight as many crowds as you normally would. Being there before the park opens each day, and you will get to see all the characters ride in on a train doing a little show for you. Going around this time may also make it a little easier to get the character dining experiences you want.
Colorado might be another good option for those of you that want to take a trip in August. Again you are likely to find fewer crowds if you visit at this time. The natural beauty of this place is enough to keep anyone busy and happy. You may even find some great deals at lodges.
Well, that’s it for today.. I’ll be more than happy to help you plan a last minute trip. Please just let me know.

River cruises part #4


Picture taken from the Avalon website

I found a forum yesterday, at least I think I have. Forums are something I love the idea of, but other things come up that always seem more important than getting into the forums. Don’t know how to balance everything I have. Of course, working with actual clients always comes first, and I feel like I have to write my post for this each day.. But anyway..
Let’s get back to river cruises… Pretty much covered what my fellow travel agent had to say about Avalon. But while she was in Europe, she got to look around at some other river cruise ships. Let’s see what she has to say about those. First up is Viking, who is number one in this business. Viking has the largest fleet of ships, and since they have the most ships, they have gotten the most awards. Viking owns the docks, so if you do go on another river cruise, you might have to go through other ships to get to your port. Viking uses hybrid engines which are not only eco friendly, they’re also quieter than the others. Their dining rooms are very open, so you can look out across the water as you eat which is a nice feature. Their ships just feel larger. Your meals and drinks are included in the price of the cruise, even if you want to go to a restaurant on shore. Viking has a lot of itineraries for you to choose from.
Another river cruise company is called Uniworld, and it is somewhat different. First of all, these ships look like five-star hotels. The other cruiselines have laundry services, but Uniworld is the only line that has places where you can do your laundry yourself. And they don’t charge anything for that. They’re the only ones on the Po River, which is a really nice way to see Italy. They are also the only ones to do a children’s program.
I think that’s enough for today. I would love to know your thoughts on these cruises.

River cruises part #3


It sounds like I am going to have a totally busy, totally busy, no time to work on anything kind of weekend. I’m really excited about everything, but need to get some work done before everything starts on Friday evening. The thing is, I love my job and enjoy working on it. I would really like to get some more clients to work with, that’s what I’m trying to work on mostly.
Back to river cruises… If you do miss your ship, Avalon does have things they do to help you. And you’ll just have to take a taxi if you do get left behind. Let’s get on to some of the great features of Avalon.. This company has Europe’s youngest fleet, so everything is new and beautiful. Avalon also has a lot of different themed cruises. There are history themed cruises, and of course Europe has a lot of fascinating history. You can do cruises with a culinary theme, or wine tours. There are also music themed river cruises with Avalon. They also have wellness trips. Maybe you and some friends have a workout club. One of these cruises might be a great way to reward yourselves when you meet some goal you set.
You are going to get most of your shore excursions at no additional charge. They will always have coffees [including lattees], teas, or hot chocolate available for you. And they will also have cookies and fruit available. Beer and wine come with your lunches and
I think I am going to go for now. Please let me know if you are interested in a river cruise. I would be more than happy to help you with that.

River cruises #2

I am always looking for ways to improve this blog and my social media websites, because I would like a lot more business coming my way. I love working on putting together trips for people, I love e-mailing back and forth with people trying to determine which trip would work best for them. I love working on this blog, but you know that. However, I confess I do not know much about social media, and do not really like spending time learning about that side of the business. But I need to figure it out since my business is pretty much online.
But once again, I want to make sure this gets done before I dive into any other projects. Let’s get back to discussing river cruises.. My fellow travel agent went on a river cruise with Avalon. And one of the things she really enjoyed about this trip is that the ship gave you ear pieces to use while you were on your excursions, so you could be about a block away and still hear everything perfectly. And this allows you to look at everything at your own pace.
When you get into your room, all the paperwork you are going to need will be set on your bed for you. You will have all the information you need on extra excursions. Keep in mind that you’ll be putting your luggage underneath your bed, so you will not want to bring anything extra thick. The rooms, particularly if you decide not to get a stateroom might be a little small, but these cruise keep you so busy you are hardly ever in your room except to sleep or dress anyway. If you will be getting on your ship to eat lunch and the ship is not moving on anywhere, you will not need to do anything. However, if you are going to leave port, you will need to stop back by the front desk and give them your card, just so they can make sure that everyone is there when they pull out.
I think I am going to go again and likely come back to this once more tomorrow.

River Cruises part #1

I have several things I want to do this week. I ended up not doing much at all Friday afternoon or Saturday. I just couldn’t think straight. I do want to get into a blog forum. As it turns out, blog communities seem to be more about having to post certain things to your blog, and I like writing this. I’m always working on writing some novel, never have finished writing a novel though. But anyway…

Today let’s talk about river cruises. One of my fellow travel agents is going to share some of her experiences on river cruises, and that should be interesting. This type of travel is something that is relatively new to the industry, but my fellow agent is saying that these make marvelous trips. So please let me know if you want to try one of these. I’d be more than happy to help.

But why are river cruises so wonderful? First, these ships are pretty small compared to the huge ocean cruise ships. And these ships may be somewhat harder to board, but don’t worry because someone is there to help you every step of the way. Check in is also much easier on river cruises. They do keep your passport overnight to do all your paperwork, but you get onto your ship and enjoying yourself much quicker. Now, the woman giving this talk did arrive before the majority of the guests did. When everyone did arrive, they may have had a fifteen-minute wait. These people also make your excursions easier. You choose the pace you want to go, and they’ll have your itineraries ready for you. And again you won’t have to stand in long lines to get that taken care of either.

We will be talking about this more tomorrow, so please stay tuned.

Disney part #3

I started looking into blog communities yesterday afternoon, but had a meeting last night. I am going to try to get more into all that today. Joining the community I’m hoping to seems kind of complicated, but I am going to give this a try… Hopefully joining this is going to help me make this a lot better and get me reaching a lot more people. I love this business and want to do really well at it.
But first, of course, I need to get this blog written.. Let’s get back to Disney. Disney does do a lot of discounts.. Disney really likes it when you get the packages which means you’ll stay in a Disney resort, you’ll go to their different parks, and you may also get a meal deal. And since I’m a member of Disney’s travel agents’ website, I can go in and let you know what deals they have going at any given time. So please just ask if you would like to know the deals coming up. Disney is known for exceptional service, and something you’ll want to keep in mind is that if you stay at a Disney resort, Disney will provide transportation to and from the parks. There are also what is called “Magic hours” which means that you’ll get into the parks earlier than everyone else. You can also get more “fast passes” if you stay on site, which means you can get on a ride quickly.
I am going to go for now… I should let everyone know that starting a week from tomorrow, my family is going to be around, and I am going to take sometime off while everyone is around. I’m not quite sure how long that to be. But just wanted everyone to know.

Disney part #2

I’ve been busy with work, taking care of clients, and except for this which I consider a vital part of my marketing, I haven’t done much. I know this is not by any means a great blog, and I would really like to improve this blog, grow its readership, begin turning readers into clients. My hope is to find some blog communities to join and pick their brains, and maybe even to meet some potential clients through this venture.
But before I begin, I need to go on and write this… The thing that I’m doing most of the time on this blog is listening to trainings for travel agents, and then trying to turn all the information into posts that would be interesting to you, the consumer. If you have any comments or suggestions on that, I would absolutely love to hear them! Anyway, let’s get back to Disney. We can not stress the fact enough that Disney does not give any discounts on one to two day tickets. So if you’re planning to go to Orlando to do all the different parks, blitzing through Disney is not going to be cheap.
Disney is something I feel like most families should try and do at least once. I mean, most our kids’ favorite movies are Disney, right? What could be more exciting than to spend your vacation with your favorite characters. Disney has a lot of different resorts you can choose from, as well as several different parks you can choose from, so why not just go to Disney for several days? Another thing you should know is that Disney charges you if you change your mind and decide to spend less time there, but they will never charge if you want to add time to your stay. Please check with me if you are wanting to get to Disney. I can help you figure out the best times and rates.