Why take a trip without baby?

I am working with my first client who is not one of my family. It is exciting to see this business grow. So I’ve kind of been busy with that. There were some complications, but we figured that out, I think. So that’s a relief.


Today, let’s talk about that first trip away from baby. Let’s say that your husband has started giving hints that he’s ready to take a vacation with just, kind of have sometime to rekindle your romance. You know you’ve been tired a lot lately, and a vacation does sound nice, but should you really leave your baby. Taking your little one with you would be nice too. Okay, let’s be honest here, caring for your infant is beginning to drain you. You rarely make it through the night without the baby waking up. Evenings that were once times of relaxation and enjoying being married is now more about taking care of baby.


First, taking a few days away is not going to harm your baby. Most babies are resilient. As long as they’re warm, fed, and have someone to play with, they’re happy. It isn’t going to hurt them, or you, to do a few test runs. Do your parents live near by? Or maybe you have good friends willing to keep the baby. Having someone you know well and trust is going to be important any time you leave your baby. Remember this, children do best when their parents have a happy marriage, so taking time to reconnect with your husband is important for you and your baby too.


But how do you go about planning something like this?.. I think this is going is going to be our topic for next time. See you.

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