Take that trip

I’m not starting as early today. I’m trying to get this done and get on to other things. [I’m always saying that, aren’t I? Sorry?] There are a lot of different things to do when running a business of your own. I’m learning that as I go. And today has turned out to be a day of computer problems. Hopefully I have everything figured out now.
Okay, so we’ve been talking about taking your first trip as a couple. Let me first say, I would love to help you plan a trip like this. Please just e-mail me if you would like help. However, my job is helping you fulfill your travel dreams. Most of the actual decisions have to be yours and your husband’s.. You need to have ideas of what you want to do and what kind of vacation you want I can research trips with no problems, but I have to have some kind of parameters to get started.
You might want considered going somewhere within a three- to four-hour drive just in case something does come up with baby. But think about the things you like to do as a couple. Are you the type of people who like to take adventures together, or is a relaxing vacation at the beach more your type of thing? Are you foodies? Are you people who like exploring museums. Try to think of things that are relaxing to both of you.
You will want to do some planning before your trip. Make sure baby has favorite foods and toys. Write out the schedule you usually follow. Leave your contact information. And once you do go, relax and enjoy being with your husband


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