Club Med part #3

It’s Monday, and I have several things I have to take care of. I’m still trying to find the elusive condo for one client. And I’m working on figuring out travel docs for a cruise. I know I am going to figure these things out, and eventually they will become very much routine. But right now… Anyway… Let’s get back to Club Med.
You are going to be able to go to some large buffets on each of these resorts where you will find a lot of good, fresh food. They will also have specialty restaurants where you will be able to dine at no additional charge. The restaurants are where you will be waited on. They don’t have a lot of different restaurants, because they like to make sure they have the highest quality food.
This place sounds like an excellent alternative to a cruise. Your accommodations may be larger in a resort than on a cruise ship. Resorts make excellent places to have those big family gatherings you say you are going to take, but never get around to. Each nuclear family can have its own suite. to ensure privacy. But no one will have to worry about cooking or cleaning. Your family can take adventures or simply relax at the pools or beaches. Cancun is their most popular resort. So you will have to book well in advance on most occasions.
I am going to go on and go since I have other things I really need to get to today. It is not too early to start making holiday plans. Please let me know if you are interested.


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