Disney part #2

I’ve been busy with work, taking care of clients, and except for this which I consider a vital part of my marketing, I haven’t done much. I know this is not by any means a great blog, and I would really like to improve this blog, grow its readership, begin turning readers into clients. My hope is to find some blog communities to join and pick their brains, and maybe even to meet some potential clients through this venture.
But before I begin, I need to go on and write this… The thing that I’m doing most of the time on this blog is listening to trainings for travel agents, and then trying to turn all the information into posts that would be interesting to you, the consumer. If you have any comments or suggestions on that, I would absolutely love to hear them! Anyway, let’s get back to Disney. We can not stress the fact enough that Disney does not give any discounts on one to two day tickets. So if you’re planning to go to Orlando to do all the different parks, blitzing through Disney is not going to be cheap.
Disney is something I feel like most families should try and do at least once. I mean, most our kids’ favorite movies are Disney, right? What could be more exciting than to spend your vacation with your favorite characters. Disney has a lot of different resorts you can choose from, as well as several different parks you can choose from, so why not just go to Disney for several days? Another thing you should know is that Disney charges you if you change your mind and decide to spend less time there, but they will never charge if you want to add time to your stay. Please check with me if you are wanting to get to Disney. I can help you figure out the best times and rates.

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