Disney part #3

I started looking into blog communities yesterday afternoon, but had a meeting last night. I am going to try to get more into all that today. Joining the community I’m hoping to seems kind of complicated, but I am going to give this a try… Hopefully joining this is going to help me make this a lot better and get me reaching a lot more people. I love this business and want to do really well at it.
But first, of course, I need to get this blog written.. Let’s get back to Disney. Disney does do a lot of discounts.. Disney really likes it when you get the packages which means you’ll stay in a Disney resort, you’ll go to their different parks, and you may also get a meal deal. And since I’m a member of Disney’s travel agents’ website, I can go in and let you know what deals they have going at any given time. So please just ask if you would like to know the deals coming up. Disney is known for exceptional service, and something you’ll want to keep in mind is that if you stay at a Disney resort, Disney will provide transportation to and from the parks. There are also what is called “Magic hours” which means that you’ll get into the parks earlier than everyone else. You can also get more “fast passes” if you stay on site, which means you can get on a ride quickly.
I am going to go for now… I should let everyone know that starting a week from tomorrow, my family is going to be around, and I am going to take sometime off while everyone is around. I’m not quite sure how long that to be. But just wanted everyone to know.

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