River Cruises part #1

I have several things I want to do this week. I ended up not doing much at all Friday afternoon or Saturday. I just couldn’t think straight. I do want to get into a blog forum. As it turns out, blog communities seem to be more about having to post certain things to your blog, and I like writing this. I’m always working on writing some novel, never have finished writing a novel though. But anyway…

Today let’s talk about river cruises. One of my fellow travel agents is going to share some of her experiences on river cruises, and that should be interesting. This type of travel is something that is relatively new to the industry, but my fellow agent is saying that these make marvelous trips. So please let me know if you want to try one of these. I’d be more than happy to help.

But why are river cruises so wonderful? First, these ships are pretty small compared to the huge ocean cruise ships. And these ships may be somewhat harder to board, but don’t worry because someone is there to help you every step of the way. Check in is also much easier on river cruises. They do keep your passport overnight to do all your paperwork, but you get onto your ship and enjoying yourself much quicker. Now, the woman giving this talk did arrive before the majority of the guests did. When everyone did arrive, they may have had a fifteen-minute wait. These people also make your excursions easier. You choose the pace you want to go, and they’ll have your itineraries ready for you. And again you won’t have to stand in long lines to get that taken care of either.

We will be talking about this more tomorrow, so please stay tuned.

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