River cruises #2

I am always looking for ways to improve this blog and my social media websites, because I would like a lot more business coming my way. I love working on putting together trips for people, I love e-mailing back and forth with people trying to determine which trip would work best for them. I love working on this blog, but you know that. However, I confess I do not know much about social media, and do not really like spending time learning about that side of the business. But I need to figure it out since my business is pretty much online.
But once again, I want to make sure this gets done before I dive into any other projects. Let’s get back to discussing river cruises.. My fellow travel agent went on a river cruise with Avalon. And one of the things she really enjoyed about this trip is that the ship gave you ear pieces to use while you were on your excursions, so you could be about a block away and still hear everything perfectly. And this allows you to look at everything at your own pace.
When you get into your room, all the paperwork you are going to need will be set on your bed for you. You will have all the information you need on extra excursions. Keep in mind that you’ll be putting your luggage underneath your bed, so you will not want to bring anything extra thick. The rooms, particularly if you decide not to get a stateroom might be a little small, but these cruise keep you so busy you are hardly ever in your room except to sleep or dress anyway. If you will be getting on your ship to eat lunch and the ship is not moving on anywhere, you will not need to do anything. However, if you are going to leave port, you will need to stop back by the front desk and give them your card, just so they can make sure that everyone is there when they pull out.
I think I am going to go again and likely come back to this once more tomorrow.

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