River cruises part #4


Picture taken from the Avalon website

I found a forum yesterday, at least I think I have. Forums are something I love the idea of, but other things come up that always seem more important than getting into the forums. Don’t know how to balance everything I have. Of course, working with actual clients always comes first, and I feel like I have to write my post for this each day.. But anyway..
Let’s get back to river cruises… Pretty much covered what my fellow travel agent had to say about Avalon. But while she was in Europe, she got to look around at some other river cruise ships. Let’s see what she has to say about those. First up is Viking, who is number one in this business. Viking has the largest fleet of ships, and since they have the most ships, they have gotten the most awards. Viking owns the docks, so if you do go on another river cruise, you might have to go through other ships to get to your port. Viking uses hybrid engines which are not only eco friendly, they’re also quieter than the others. Their dining rooms are very open, so you can look out across the water as you eat which is a nice feature. Their ships just feel larger. Your meals and drinks are included in the price of the cruise, even if you want to go to a restaurant on shore. Viking has a lot of itineraries for you to choose from.
Another river cruise company is called Uniworld, and it is somewhat different. First of all, these ships look like five-star hotels. The other cruiselines have laundry services, but Uniworld is the only line that has places where you can do your laundry yourself. And they don’t charge anything for that. They’re the only ones on the Po River, which is a really nice way to see Italy. They are also the only ones to do a children’s program.
I think that’s enough for today. I would love to know your thoughts on these cruises.

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