August vacation ideas

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I will usually have plans with friend on Sunday afternoon, and will do things with my family who lives in this house. But this weekend, I have a lot of fun plans. We have friends coming to dinner tonight. And my siblings who have left home will start trickling in this evening as well. By tomorrow morning all my siblings should be here, and we have a full day of eating and fun planned. And then two of my siblings and their spouses will be going on a cruise, and that is the second trip I have planned. So I’m very excited and kind of distracted by our fun plans. I’m also not really sure what next week is going to look like with work either, I am going to just play this by ear. And by the way, I’ve never been good with pictures on the computer. Please be patient with me as work on figuring out how to add pictures to these posts.
I know that many families are gearing up for school to start back. Personally I think it is way too early to start back to school, but of course I’m not in charge of all that. I thought we’d do something a little different today and talk about vacationing in August. I know there are some parts of this country where school is still a while off, and this may be your perfect chance to plan your summer vacation. Since this is the time that a lot of children head back to school, August is a time you can get a good deal at Disney World. And not only is it a less expensive time, you are not going to have to fight as many crowds as you normally would. Being there before the park opens each day, and you will get to see all the characters ride in on a train doing a little show for you. Going around this time may also make it a little easier to get the character dining experiences you want.
Colorado might be another good option for those of you that want to take a trip in August. Again you are likely to find fewer crowds if you visit at this time. The natural beauty of this place is enough to keep anyone busy and happy. You may even find some great deals at lodges.
Well, that’s it for today.. I’ll be more than happy to help you plan a last minute trip. Please just let me know.

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