Grand Canyon part #1

I’ve never started a post this late. We’re on vacation, well, on a trip anyway, and since I have internet I’ve decided to try to do this. I am going to be trying out a new resources that I hope to be using a lot of on this.
Let’s look at the Grand Canyon today. My family went out west the fall of my senior year of high school. To be honest, I remember very little of that trip. I do remember the Grand Canyon as being much bigger than I thought it would be. It was also beautiful. Being there made my Dad want to try to fly, as in by himself not in a plane. He didn’t try anything stupid thankfully.
The Grand Canyon is one of the most visited natural wonders in the world. And since that is the case, this is a great place to visit in the fall, so you can avoid the crowds. Late October is likely the best time you can go. Just seeing this place is absolutely awesome. You are going to get incredible views, especially at sunrise and sunset. There are museums you can explore.
I have no idea what tomorrow is going to be like. But I am going to get back to this. There is a ton of Information on this new site I’m exploring.

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