Grand Canyon part #2


we are back from our trip. My sister who lives out west is going to be around for a few days starting tomorrow. My plan is to do this each day, but kind of just do this and checking my e-mail. My hope is to get started on some new ideas I have for the business next week. Hopefully the ideas I have are going to get a lot more business coming my way.
Anyway, let’s get back to the Grand Canyon. Let’s start with some tips. First, and this may be obvious, but there a lot of Native Americans out there. Please treat them with respect. Even in the cooler seasons, you will want to be sure to wear things that will protect you from the sun. This is a desert, and you can get sunburned at any time… The Grand Canyon is a beautiful place, and you will want to take a lot of pictures. Make sure to bring an extra memory card and\or film so you can take as many pictures as you would like. This is one of our national parks, so you will want to be sure not to feed or get close to any animals. September or October are usually warmer than April or May. Still you’ll be wise to bring a light jacket for the
So what should you be sure to see and do at the Grand Canyon? First, your pass for your car is going to be twenty-five dollars. And that pass will last you seven days. The main attraction in this place is hiking, so be sure to bring whatever gear you have for that. An alternative to hiking would be biking around the place. There are places to rent bicycles if you would like to do that. You can also take boat rides up the river at the base of the canyon are also available, but you will need to plan that in advance.
My plan is to continue this tomorrow. I have other things to get to today. Please let me know if you are interested in a trip to the Grand Canyon.

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