Should you trust online reviews? #1


It’s the Monday after my “working vacation”, and I’m ready to focus on work once more. I know I need to figure out how to get some more clients using my services, feel like that’s most of what I do from day to day. But I know this needs to be done, and I always feel better once this is posted for the day.
I think we are going to talk about a little something different today. In the world we live in, everyone seems to live their lives through the internet. Most people I know enjoy social media to some extent. People look at you funny if you don’t have at least one e-mail address. And then there are all the review sites out there, especially when it comes to travel. But the reviews that are written are only from an individual’s perspective. Maybe they were having a horrible or wonderful day when they wrote their review. Or they could have a personal vendetta against the owner of a hotel or other attraction. How do you know the review is at all accurate?
First, be careful of either all positive or all negative reviews. Some review sites allow anyone who wants to post to. And most hotels and other attractions are going to have both some positive and negative aspects to them. Perhaps one hotel does suit a person to a t, but check out other posts this person has written. If the other reviews are balanced, you might have found a great hotel if you have the same tastes as the person who posted the reviews.
I think I am going to get back to this tomorrow, and get to some other things for today. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.


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