I have a lot of different things I’d really like to get into today, but when isn’t that true? I’m thinking through a lot of different things with the business, wanting to make it grow a lot more in the coming year. Hopefully these ideas are going to shake some things loose, and get me working with more people.


The travel industry is huge. I mean, people travel all over the world to do all kinds of things. There are all kinds of places people can stay in to do all kinds of things. And I’ve known that my hope is to work with families. But I’m beginning to think that working with families is still a much too broad category to try to work in.


I have always loved working with people. I love hanging out with them, I love communicated with them through e-mail and social media. And I have a great circle of friends I hang out with at church. But I think I need to meet a lot more people to make this business grow the way I want it to,. But I do not leave my house much, except to do church stuff. Meeting people online is a great alternative for someone like me.


I’ve made a few disabled friends over the years, but I am going to try to reach out to more of them. My hope is to get to know other people like me. People who are trying to work and make a life for themselves, and work with them to help them realize their travel dreams.


I don’t know if this blog is going to change much. And believe me, right now I’ll be more than happy to work with anyone. I just feel like I have to give myself some kind of focus in my research. Let me know any thoughts you have about this.


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