More thoughts on traveling with the disabled



It’s k. I have tons to do, I know that, but rig


Disabled people, like everyone else, are a diverse population, with different needs and desires. When planning a trip with someone who is disabled, you will of course want to keep in mind their specific disability… Personally, my favorite vacations are when I am going to see family or dear friends. I like lots of time just to hang out whoever we’re visiting, maybe some quiet to read or write, and definite some good food along the way. What kinds of needs does this person have? Are they in a wheelchair? Do they have problems if they get overexcited? If you are planning a trip for you and a disabled friend, be sure to have an open discussion, not only about their disability, but also about your hopes for this trip. Is there a specific destination you want to explore together, or is this more a time for the two of you to get to know each other better?


Discuss both of your hopes for this trip. Come up with a plan that works well for both of you. Being friends with a disabled person is like a friendship with anyone else. There is give and take. I like it when I feel like I can be open with friends and they are the same with me.



I’m hoping to do better on posts this coming week. I’m just tired today, ready to get on some other things today.


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