Suggestions on trips for families with a special needs child



It’s Monday morning, and I’m glad to already up and at work. I have several things I would really like to accomplish this week. I’m still looking for a forum where I can meet some more people to work with. I have kind of joined a free travel agent school that I am going to try to take full advantage of. I guess those are my two main goals, besides doing this, for the week.


Let’s go back to looking at some great destinations for the disabled… Planning the perfect trip for everyone in any family is always a chore. A lot of siblings, no matter whether you have two children or six, most of the time your kids are going to be very different in what they like to do on vacations. Some like to just read, others want to be going places all the time. But when you have a disabled child, you have to make sure that their needs are met adequately as well. Don’t ignore the needs of your other children, but you will need to make sure that the accommodations work for your child with special needs. If you have kids with special dietary needs, you are going to need to take that into consideration as well. Try to do some special meals for them as well. You can call ahead and see which restaurants will ensure that your child’s needs will be met. Try to balance the special needs child’s needs with your other children’s [duh, aren’t you always doing that?] If you are planning a pretty active vacation, but your special needs child needs more downtime, consider taking a grandparent or other good adult friend so your special needs child doesn’t feel stuck with someone.


My hope is to get into a lot more specifics tomorrow and the rest of the week. I would love to know your thoughts, or any questions you may have about any of this.

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