Best vacation spots for the disabled #1



I’m o do a lot of different things in the business, and with my life too… Okay, we’ve said that the United States as a whole has worked hard to make traveling, and a lot of other things, easier for the disabled. And that’s a good thing, because more and more of us are experiencing disabilities, either ourselves or a family member.. But today, let’s get into some specifics of actual vacation spots that work well when you have a disabled child.


Starting out, Disney is one place that does cater to those who have food allergies, which does not surprise me having worked with Disney before. Disney goes out of their way to meet guests’ hopes and dreams. Each resort has its own head chef who will know which restaurants are safe for any given allergy or dietary need your family may have. All you need to do is to call ahead and get a list of safe restaurants. Or if you book through me, I will be able to do that for you.


In Santa Cruz, California, they have a nonprofit organization called “Shared Adventures” that has all kinds of programs for the disabled, both for children and adults. Santa Cruz is a beautiful place to explore with lots of nice beaches. In July, this organization has a day at the beach for the disabled. They have swimming, canoeing, kayaking and even scuba diving.


On the other side of the country, there is a place in Kent, Connecticut. Families can stay together in cabin. This place sounds like a family camp and might be your best bet if your child has sensory issues.


Please let me know if your family would be interested in anything like this. I would be more than happy to help you plan any of these trips.

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