Best vacation spots for disabled kids #3



I have a dear friend I am going to get to hang out with tonight. So I need to get to some work stuff before work starts.


Once again, we are going to be discussing some great destinations for the disabled. Did you know that there are chairs which will allow disabled people to ski? There is a place in Colorado that makes it easy for anyone who wants to to ski. This resort is called Mount Tremblant and offers a wide variety of activities, no matter who you are. They have everything from ice skating to dog sledding and ice fishing. A lot of their ski instructors have been trained to work with the disabled. All of the rooms are spacious, and will accommodate wheelchairs. And all the restaurants at this resort are accommodating as well. This is not the only resort in Colorado who has accessible skiing. But Tremblant looks like it is dedicated to being the most accommodating… Personally, I don’t think chair skiing is something I want to try. I’m kind of getting less and less adventurous as the years go by.


My family have a house near this place, and I think that’s where we are going for Christmas this year.. The place that is called good for the disabled is Dollywood which is near Gatlinburg, Tennessee. It is an amusement park, but is much calmer than a lot of other parks like this. I have never been to the park itself, those places have lost their appeal to me. But I know the area also has a lot of shopping, and some great restaurants. It is also a beautiful place to go hiking and things like that because it is in the beautiful mountains.


I would love to know your thoughts on this, any questions you might have..

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