Ideas for the drive



Labor Day weekend is just around the corner, do you have any travel plans? And since we’re talking about holidays, the big holiday season will be upon us in about three months. I would love to start planning your Thanksgiving or Christmas getaways. Just let me know where you want to go.. But anyway, back to Labor Day, Mom and I are going to go babysit my nieces for a few days, so that’s our plan. I don’t think it is going to effect my work much though.


With Mom and I going by ourselves, we’re probably going to listen to stories most of the way which is what I enjoy most when I’m taking a roadtrip… But how do you keep your children entertained when you are in your car for hours on end? I’m the oldest of eight, and we did our fair share of traveling when I was younger and everyone was home. I remember having the baby, or maybe one more than one baby, crying for what felt like a long time.


Again, this post is inspired by a newsstory.. And the first thing the article suggests is satellite radio. Satellite radio has all kinds of children’s stations.. And everyone knows that children love to play with our phones, or ipads. The car is one of the best places to let the children play with those. Or does your car have a dvd player? A movie is a great way to make the hours fly by.


But what if you don’t have any of those things? Look up a project for the kids to do in the car… Or here are some even more old-fashioned ideas for roadtrips. Play games where you have to just talk to each other. Or tell your kids stories of what you did growing up.


Can you think of other ideas? I would love to hear them.



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