Quantum of The Seas



Travel agents who run their own businesses need to keep up with a lot of different things. We need to know about the different destinations that are available, there is a steep learning curve on that. I confess I do not know nearly everything out there. If I could travel by myself I would be out there exploring destinations as much as I could. Some of these places sound absolutely amazing. Travel agents also need to know about disasters and how to help their clients when they have any kind of travel emergency.. And as a home based travel agent, I also have to know how to run and promote my business. After a year of doing this, I feel like I still have so much to learn in all of these areas.


Today let’s look at Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Sea.. The first thing that is mentioned in this article is that this ship has a huge theater. During the day, the screen is a huge wall of windows, which seems like it would be impressive in and of itself. But at night, this becomes a three-story theater. And this isn’t like your normal theaters where everyone is quiet. It is described as a theater\club.


If you decide to take a cruise on the Quantum, you are going to get a wristband which allows you to open up your room as well as make any purchases. A SeaPass card is an alternative if you don’t like wristbands. Or you can always get one of each and decide what you can take to the different activities that you’ll be doing onboard.


The ship has a bar where robots are actually going to mix drinks for you. You will be ordering your drinks on a tablet. That sounds interesting, although kind of “space-age” like to me.


I would love to hear from you if you are interested in booking a trip.

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