New York #1



I have several different things I’m trying to work into my day on a pretty consistent basis. There is this, of course. Then I’m working through a travel agent school online, thankfully it’s free and very flexible. I’ve also downloaded a lot of business books that have sat around for a long time. But hopefully reading those are going to give me some more ideas of how to get more clients. And I can not neglect e-mail since that is my main means of communication.


I’m kind of behind schedule today, so let’s start looking at New York City. This is a place I’d really like to go to myself sometime. And with tomorrow being 9/11, it’s a great time to look at the famous city. My sisters and I are discussing it as kind of a dream trip, think of it as something on our bucket list. I know I definitely want to see at least one Broadway show. I want to see the Statue of Liberty, and the site of the Twin Towers. I want to go to Central Park and Times Square too. I guess I’d like to see Wall Street, though that’s not as important to me.


There are five boroughs in this city. The first, and probably the only one we’ll get to today, is Manhattan. This is where the financial district is. It is also near Staten Island which is home of Lady Liberty herself. The ferry that carries you to the island is free. And Staten Island has a variety of other attractions as well, including some great museums and a minor league baseball team.


I think I am going to stop for now and get back to this tomorrow.

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